Date : Nov. 4th & 5th
Guide ; Tomoko, Ririko
Tourist : a couple from Canada
Tour ; Gioji temple, Bamboo forest, Ninnaji temple, Ryoanji rock garden, Golden Pavillion, Nishiki food market, Gion, Kendo practice( 1st day)
Kiyomizu temple, Maiko(Geisha)dressing, Entokuin tea ceremony, Pontocho, Kiyamachi,( by Ririko) Nijo castle, Sword shop ( by Tomoko)
Hello Tomoko & Ririko
Back at home after a wonderful trip. Weather was perfect, we had a great time, beautiful country!
Amelie and I wanted to thank you both for taking the time to have us tour Kyoto. We had 2 busy days but without you both we never would of been able to do it all.
I sent you a few pictures of the 2 days that we spent together... I did have to minimize them so that they would fit in the email, so the quality is not that great, but as you both know, I took A LOT of great pictures while I was with you, if there's some that you need of a specific place, let me know and I will pick the best ones and send you the "real" copy
Thanks again for your time... we'll both remember this trip for a long time.
Amelie & Daniel
Date : Nov. 18th
Guide ; Tomoko ( Moko)
Tourist : girls from Singapore and a French couple from Singapore
Tour ; Fushimi Inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka, Entokuin ( tea ceremony ) Ishibe koji, Nishiki food market ( and Okonomiyaki), Ginkakuji temple ( Silver pavillion)
Thank you for being such a wonderful guide, bringing us around those beautiful spots in Kyoto. My friend and I truly enjoyed ourselves and are very grateful for you having to spend a long day with us explaining to us the little stories behind each place that we have been to.
Over all, the whole experience was AWESOME and just to share, my friend and I did see a few geisha/maiko at Gion at night! We hope they were the real deal! :D
Have you tried the pineapple tarts? We are quite curious as to how you find them. Let us know!
With sincere gratitude,
 --- --- -- - ( This is a feedback from the girls from Singapore)
Date : Nov. 10th.
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist : A family from Malaysia
Tour : Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizu temple, Nishiki foor market, Golden Pavillion( Kinkakuji temple)
We would like to thank you for providing a free guide to us on 10 Nov 2010 to explore Kyoto.

Tomoko was friendly, kind, patient and competent. She showed us places that really interesting, and also told us the history and stories behind them. She played with my 2-yr-old son and my son even looked for her the next morning.

We are really grateful to have her as a guide. It save us so much time and hassle. Thankful that you set-up this organisation to help the tourists too.

Thanks for everything again.
Date : Oct. 22nd
Guide; Ririko
Tourist : A woman from Argentina
Tour ; Nishiki food market, Gion shinbashi, Silver Pavillion, phylosophy path, Nanzenji temple, Jidai festival, taking her to Nishijin texitle center
Dear kyotofreeguide:
Thank you very much for your support and voluntary job.
I enjoyed a lot visiting Kyoto with a wonderful and nice lady.
Date : Sep. 28th
Guide : Ririko
Tourist ; a man from USA
Tour ; Uji Byodoin, Ujigami shrine, Bamboo forest, jojakkoji temple, Rakushsha, Nison-in, Gioji temple
I just wanted to express my thanks to Ririko (my guide) and Tomoko for their hospitality and help in experiencing some of the fantastic sights around Kyoto.
Ririko was articulate and knowledgeable; showing me areas that the average tourist will probably never see. We visited major temples such as Byodoin in Uji, but also much more remote sights in the Sagano area.
Rikiko also provided excellent advice as to places to visit during the remainder of my stay in Kyoto.
I can't thank KFG enough for the excellent service that they provide.
Date : Sep 16th ( a half day)
Guide : Tomoko
Tourists : a family from Canada
Tour : Kiyomizu temple, Yasaka pagoda, Sanneizaka Nineizaka, Ishibekoji, Yasaka shrine, Nishiki food market, Nijo castle
What can I say? Tomoko is the best guide for Kyoto!
We had such a blast with you..your endless amount of energy is amazing and very contagious! Japanese etiquette and service is probably the best in the world..and you really have maintained that standard! Thanks so much for taking us around it was so fun.
Date : Sep. 7th, 8th
Guide : Sono( 7th ) Tomoko ( 8th )
Tourist : a family from Italy
Tour : Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji rock garden, Ninnaji temple, Tondaya( tea ceremony ) by Sono,
     Todajiji temple, Kasuga shrine, Naramachi, Kofukuji temple, →Fushimi Inari
     by Tomoko
Dear tomoko,
We have a great time with you . The tour in Nara was interesting and amazing . Although we are italians it was very easy to understand you because your english is very clear.Also thanks to you we love japan and japanese people I'll send you the pichs we made together . I hope you'll send me so as you can your blog's adress . Thans for all
Date : Aug. 30th
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist : friends from Malaysia
Tour : Fushimi Inari, Golden Pavillion, Nishiki food market, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Ninenzaka, Yasaka shrine
, Gion
We finally returned home to Malaysia today after an exhausting but very enjoyable trip to Japan! I only had the chance to come online now so I apologize if our response in giving you feedback for the guide has been slow.
Speaking of which, first and foremost, Thank You So Much for taking the time to bring us around Kyoto on 30th August! Having you as our guide in showing and sharing with us the jewels of such a beautiful traditional city was both a very enriching and fun experience. We felt really privileged to have someone like you to talk with, whether the conversations involved the usual Questions & Answers about the city or casual discussions about everyday life in Kyoto such as the wedding you witnessed at Yasaka Shrine once.
We doubt we would get the same valuable experience had we just toured Kyoto on our own using a guide book or learn about the city by watching the conventional travel documentary. Once again, Thank You Very Much for the wonderful time! We will not hesitate to highly recommend you and your team should the chance arise for someone who is in need of a Kyoto guide. We look forward to meeting you and visiting Kyoto again in the near future!

Best wishes all the way from Malaysia!
Date : Jun 28th
Guide :Tomoko
Tourist : a family from USA
Tour : Todaiji temple, Fushimi inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Nishiki Food market
Thank you again for taking time away from work and family to show us around your city. We had an amazing time and continue to talk about it almost every day. All of us are looking forward to coming back to visit sometime in the future. In the meantime, we hope that you will begin planning your trip to Chicago. We would love to show you around our town and some of our amazing places. See the attached pictures as a reminder of our time spent together. Thank you so much again!
Date; July 21st and 22nd
Guide: Sono
Tourist : a man from Australia
Tour :Sanjusangendo temple, Chawanzaka, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka,     Yasaka shrine, Butokuden( martial arts-Kendo), Pontocho(1st day)
    Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji, Ninnnaji ( 2nd day)
i just wanted to thank you for making my trip so special.

my guide sono was fantastic.

i was really happy to have her she was so helpful.

i will definitely let my friends know if they are travelling to kyoto.

thank you again!
Date : July 29th
Guide : Sono
Tourist : a woman from USA
Tour : Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji, Ninnaji temple, Nishiki Food Market, Pontocho, Walking along the Kamo river
I would like to say thank you to Sono for a lovely day in Kyoto! It was a pleasure to visit all of the sites with her guidance. I enjoyed learning about Kyoto's history and culture. Even more enjoyable, though, was the opportunity to get to know Sono and talk to her about life in Japan. To me, the best part of travel is getting to know the people who live in the place that I am visiting. Your service is greatly appreciated! Thank you.
Date : Jun 23, and 24th
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist: a family from USA
Tour : Golden Pavillion, Nijo castle, Nishiki food market ( Manga museum)
     the First 1/2day
    Kyoto tower, Candy making, Higashihonganji temple, Shouseien garden
    the Second 1/2 day
Our rich experience of Kyoto would not have been the same without Tomoko-san. THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN AND AGAIN!
Our family of four (including two very tired boys ages 7 and 10) had only a brief time in Kyoto.
On our first 1/2 day, Tomoko guided us through the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle and the Nishiki Market - all of which our entire family enjoyed. Tomoko also suggested the manga museum which was unique and fun for the kids.
On our next 1/2 day, Tomoko suggested the monkey park for the children; unfortunately, we got rained out. Instead, Tomoko came up with a creative alternative of attending a Japanese candy making class which was a blast because it was interactive and they got to do it with other Japanese kids.
Tomoko's wealth of information and ideas extends beyond the must-see sights. She was an invaluable resource for us, and wihtout her, our limited time in Kyoto would have been a lot less meaningful. Tomoko - if you are ever in LA, please contact us.
Date : May 12th and 13th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourist : a couple from USA
Tour : Fushimi inari shrine, Golden pavillion, ryoanji rock garden, OKONOMIYAKI lunch, Nijo castle, Nishiki Food market.( 12th )
Kiyomizu temple, sanneizaka nineizaka, Yasaka shrine, Heian shrine, Silver Pavillion. (13th )
We are finally staying awake in the evening after returning from our wonderful trip to Japan. One of the reasons it was so memorable is because of the time we spent with you. We enjoyed your time with us so much and appreciated your generosity. It was so kind of you to give us a second day with you. While we saw many historical sights in Japan, it is the people that we met that we will keep in our hearts. Your kindness will never be forgotten. We enjoyed the rest of our trip, going on to Nara and Hiroshima before returning to Tokyo. We ate okonomiyaki 2 more times, including Hiroshima style with noodles. Alan now has to buy me a griddle for my birthday so I can try to make it at home! We did get to the baseball game in Hiroshima on a beautiful warm day. If you ever travel to Chicago, please let us know so we can show you our beautiful city. If you ever need anyone to give Kyoto Free Guide a good reference, you can count on us. I am attaching the photo of you with me. I hope you are well.
Date : May 18th
Guide; Tomoko
Tourist ; a couple from USA
Tour : Ryoanji rock garden, Koto-in, Silver Pavillion(Ginkakuji ), Sanjusangendo temple, Kiyomizu temple ( Chawan zaka)
Hi Tomoko,
We had a terrific time with you and saw so much. You helped to make our visit to Kyoto very memorable, and we thank you. Best wishes, Carol and Michael Lebow
Date : May 1st.
Guide: Tomoko
Tourist ; a group from Italy
Tour; Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji rock garden, Koto-in( Datiokuji), Silver Pavillion.
Totally positive, she was extremely polite and helpful, good english speaking,
really recommended!!
Date : April 21st
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist : a gruop from Italy
Tour : Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji rock garden, Silver Pavillion, Nishiki Food Market
thanks Tomoko for being our guide in Kyoto last week!
you took us in beautiful places like Nijo Castle, Golden Pavillion and Silver Pavillion! You have been a perfect guide!
greetings from Italy
Date : April 8th
Guide; Tomoko
Tourist ; a couple from Australia
Tour : Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest, Ryoanji rock garden, Golden Pavillion, Nishijin texitle center, Nijo castle
Hi Tomoko,
Thanks so much for such a wonderful day! The cushions are currently being made so I will send you a photo once they are finished! We spent the next two nights in Gion waiting to see a Geisha but we were unlucky!! Maybe next time!
Kyoto is such a beautiful place and we wouldn't have seen and done so much without you as our guide!!
Once again a big thank you!
Date : May 15th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourist : a man from Australia
Tour : Golden Pavillion, Ryoanji rock garden, Nijo castle
I had a great day today with Ririko and I just wanted to thank you again for organising the tour for me on such short notice.
I especially enjoyed seeing the Golden Pavilion, the Gardens and having Japanese Pancakes for lunch!
Date: March 30th 31st
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist : a couple from USA
Tour : Hirano shrine, Golden pavilioon, ryoanji rock garden, Nijo Castle, Nishiki food market. ( 1st day) Sanjusangendo temple, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka,Nineizaka, taking to Olde Imperial Palace ( 2nd day)
Our visit to Kyoto, March 30 & 31, 2010, was a wonderful experience because of Tomoko Yoshihara, our guide. Tomoko-san is an outstanding guide. She took us to see everything that we wanted to see and suggested other sites as well. We would have waisted so much time trying to find everything ourselves.
She knows Kyoto's history and how to explain it so we can understand it as well. Her English is great, and she is very friendly and kind. Thanks again Tomoko for a wonderful visit in Kyoto.