Date; Nov. 1st
Guide ; Meiko
Tourists ; Guests from Australia
Tour Nijo castle Kinkakuji temple, Okonomiyaki lunch, Ryoanji temple, Ginkakuji temple, Yasaka koshindo, Yasaka pagoda, Sannenzaka, Kiyomizu temple and Jishu shrine 
For Meiko,We had a fantastic tour with Meiko.
She was so enthusiastic about showing us around Kyoto and had organised a 2 day itinerary which we unfortunately had to cut back to only 1 day.
In hindsight you need at least a minimum of 2 days to see all the must see sites. Kyoto has so many attractions and historical sites to visit.Meiko was waiting for us on time at our hotel and we set off by bus to visit the sights.
This was perfect for us as we had found navigating by bus not quite as simple as the trains.
We visited all the major sites which were very easy when you have a local guide.All the sites we visited were “must see” sites:Meiko had extensive information about all the historical sites we visited as well as providing us with so  much more detail about the Japanese culture. The information was invaluable as unfortunately many of the sites have no English information.
You don’t realise how much detail you are missing until a local knowledgeable person explains the significance of the sites.For lunch we hadOkonomiyaki in a local eatery.
It was the best meal in our entire time in Japan. At the end of the night Meiko waited with us to catch the right bus back to our hotel. It was the best day of our entire holiday in Japan.
would thoroughly recommend Meiko to anyone visiting Kyoto.
We found her extremely knowledgeable about Japan customs and history invaluable.
Many thanks to Meiko and KyotoFreeGuide.
 Date: Oct. 13th
Guide ; Hisao
Tourists: guests from Australia
Nishiki food market, Ginkakuji temple, phylosophers' path, Heian jingu shrine+ the garden, Yasaka shrine, and Kiyomizu temple
Hi Chako, Now we're back home and settled in I wanted to thank you so much for giving us advice about our trip and showing us around Kyoto.
It made our trip memorable, and honestly if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have taken so much initiative to see so many places.
I loved going to the markets and all the beautiful gardens.
Seeing them made me understand traditional Japanese paintings much more- they look just like them! I attached a few photos from the day, I hope you like them :) Please do let me know if you visit Australia I would love to show you around.
I can also give you tips about Vietnam. Cheers,
 Date; Jun 14th
Guide ; Meiko
Tourists ; guests from USA
Ginkaku-ji, Kinkaku-ji, Okonomiyaki lunch, Sanjusangendo temple.
Meiko created a wonderful day for my son and me when we visited Kyoto during the summer. 
With her vast knowledge about temples and the history of Kyoto, we felt like we were with a historian who helped us better appreciate and understand the cultural and historical aspects of each temple and the city of Kyoto. 
She even brought a few books with her so she could show us pictures of rooms in some of the temples that were not available for the public to see!  She was prompt meeting us and felt more and more like a good friend as the day went on.  She helped us select a wonderful restaurant where we bought her lunch and experienced more Japanese culture with our engaging guide whose warmth and good humor added immensely to our special day. 
We toured throughout Asia last summer with several paid tour guides and Meiko’s English was the best and the information that she provided us throughout the day added immensely to making this day one of our best!  What a wonderful service your organization provides!  If you are planning to be in Kyoto, I would highly recommend that you seek the guide services of Meiko. 
She is a gem! Tourist from USA
 Date: Sep 27and 28th
Guide ; Meiko
Tourists : guests from Australia
Sanjusangendo-hall, Yasaka pagoda, Yasaka Koshindo, Kiyomizu temple, Jishu shrine, Kodaiji temple, Yasaka shrine, walking in Gion area, and Nishiki food market ( on 27th) Kinkakuji temple, Ginkakuji temple, Honen-in temple, Nanzenji temple and Heian shrine ( on 28th)
Hi Kyoto Free Guide,
I visited Kyoto not knowing what to expect but after two days ( Sept. 27th - Sept 28th 2012) with Meiko Tabata touring all the wonderful heritage sites she had planned for us to visit I have now fallen in love with Kyoto city.
Meiko planned an itinerary that exactly fitted to my special interests.Her insurmountable knowledge of every temple, shrine and garden created a vivid vision of the religion, history and culture of Kyoto that I would never have experienced from any guide book.
The added bonus is Meiko's interpretor skills, her exceptional english is invaluable when it comes to the seemingly easy, but difficult tasks if your in a different country, of ordering lunch, catching a bus or needing any extra information on how to get to other sites when you go it alone.
I truly would not have had such a wonderful holiday if it wasn't for Meiko and Kyoto Free Guide.
I thank them very much for the fond memories I will carry with me until I return to Kyoto again......... Thankyou Meiko and Kyoto Free Guide.
Date: Oct. 9th 10th 11th
Guide / Meiko ( 9th and 11th ) Hideko (10th)
Tourist / a guest from USA
Tour:on 9th ( with Meiko)
Sugawarain-tenmangu shrine, Rokkakudo temple, Nishiki food market, Gion area, Chugenji temple, and Takashimaya department store,
on 10th ( with Hideko )
Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Sanjusangendo hall, Kiyomizu temple.
on 11th ( with Meiko )
Ginkakuji temple, phylosopher's path, Honen-in temple, Nanzenji temple, Fushimi Inari shrine, Togetsu bridge, and Arashiyama area
For Hideko
I had a fantastic day in Kyoto today with Hideko. She is extremely knowledgeable about Japanese and Kyoto history.
I loved her warmth, enthusiasm and energy from the first moment that I met her.
She arrived at my hotel promptly as scheduled and laid out our plan for the day.
She then recommended the most economical form of transportation based on our itinerary.
We visited the Nijo Castle, Sanju-Sangen-do, Kinkakuji Temple, and Kiyomizu Temple.
She pointed out elements and features of the sites that I would not have noticed on my own.
Her presentation of the information is very conversational.
She is so easy to listen to.
Hideko made a fantastic recommendation for lunch, walked through shops and talked about various items, made recommendations for souvenirs, and made me feel very at ease in Kyoto.
At the end of the day, she walked me into Kyoto Station to ensure that I knew how to catch the proper train back to my hotel.
Thank you so much for providing this valuable service to visitors to Kyoto. For Meiko
I spent one and a half days on 9 October and 11 October 2012 with Meiko as my Kyoto guide. I lovedn every minute of it. Meiko really knows her history of the area and its many tourists attractions. On both days she arrived at my hotel at the appointed time with a welcoming smile.
I take lots of photos and Meiko was very helpful in suggesting the best position for the ideal picture. SHe provided excellent background on each site and patiently spelled the Japanese words describing them.
From the very moment I met her, Meiko and I chatted like old friends I will foever remember my Kyoto visit and the wonderful time I had with Meiko.
Thank you so much for providing this valuale service for Kyoto's visitors
Date : Sep. 29th and 30th
Guide ; Hisako
Tourists : guests from Austlaria
Tour / Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Ryoanji temple enjoying the view from Togetsu bridge, Tenryuji temple Bamboo forest and Nonomiya shrine.( on 29th with Hisako)
Todaiji temple, Tamukeyama hachiman, Hokkedo-hall, Nigatsu do hall, Kofukuji pagoda, and Sarusawa pond( on 30th with Sumiko)
The experience was definitely more pleasant because you were our very enthusiastic and caring guide.
We can't thank Sumiko enough for persisting on taking us to Nara despite the typhoon warning - she could easily have cancelled our appointment. No regrets about  visiting Nara though as Sumiko was intent on making sure we had a great time and were put safely on a train back to Kyoto.
We did enjoy our visit to Hiroshima, especially Miyajima - thank goodness the weather was fine.
Our heart-felt thanks again to you two ladies - be sure to visit us when in Melbourne! Health permitting,  we'll be back in Kyoto in a couple of years.
Date : Sep. 25th
Guide ;Hideko
Tourists ; a couple from abroad
Nijo-Castle. Kinkakuji. Ninna-ji. Sanj usangen-do
Today we had a very nice day with Hideko.she came on time,did with us all she promissed,knew and told all the details about the places ,and was very kind. thank you very much
Date : Sep. 7th
Guide ; NorikoT
Tourists ;guests from Italy
Tour : Gion, Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, buffe style lunch, Kiyomizu temple
Hi noriko,I want to thank you for the wonderful day ( o7/09/12)  we spent  together in Kyoto,you picked me at my Apa hotel we went in several temples  where you explained me the secrets of them.and in Gyion district where you showed me some geisha houses, and then  we went I  a gift shop in gyion to buy hairs thing for my wife and daughter.,then we have eaten typical jap meals.,then we went to a panorama sightseeing atr the top.youy are really a special person,hope to meet you again in Kyoto or in rome  Italy my country. Best regards
Date: Sep. 3rd
Guide; Meiko
Tourists ; guests from USA
Guidance on how to get to Nara at Kyoto Station), Nishi-Hongwanji temple, Fushimi Inari shrine, (Guiding to Pontocho Street)
Dear Meiko, Thank you for sharing your time with us we really enjoyed our first afternoon in Kyoto with you.
You shared lots of interesting things about the areas we visited and when we had questions you had the answers or were able to find them for us. It was nice to learn more things and try the train and bus system with you. We really appreciated your handouts, your tips and your help getting us from one place to another including your very detailed directions for finding our way back to the hotel by bus and shuttle.
Your map was a great help.
Please keep sharing your knowledge and love of Kyoto with future visitors, they will benefit from your spending time with you just as we did. Thank you for sharing the photos too, how very kind of you.
We are in our last few days in Japan and are so happy we were able to meet you and visit Kyoto. Thank you for everything.
Date : Aug. 5th
Guide : Noriko T
Tourists: a couple from Indonesia
Tour :Kiyomizu temple, San-nen zaka, Ninen-zaka, Ishibeikoji, Gion, Ginkakuji temple, Nijo castle, and Kinkakuji temple
t was a real pleasure to know you. Your service guide provided was more than excellent. You are so on time to wait us by Kyoto station. And during end of the day, you even send us till in front of our train back to Osaka. We really appreciate that and We really had a great time in Kyoto on Aug 5, 2012. Really unforgettable.
Kyoto needs more volunteer guides like you. You really know the best places to visit in Kyoto. Kyoto food was also good.Some day we shall be back and meet you again.
We attached a photo of us.  Hope to keep in touch with you. 
Date ; August, 6th 7th
Guide; Kumiko
Tourists ; a couple from Indonesia
Tour / Shiten-nouji temple, Tenpozan area, St.Maria cruise, Osaka city walk, USJ on the 6th, Osaka castle, Tsutenkaku tower, Doutonbori , Umeda area
Dear Ms Cathy Really glad to hear u feel better. I was uneasy & feel sorry u got sick becoz of us. The trip is amazing with your guide. Now I know how to take subway becoz of ur guidance. Very nice indeed. We really have good time together with you. Some day when we go Osaka again, we shall surely look for you. Thanks a lot for your help. Our trip won't be this good without you.
Date; July 23rd
Guide; Meiko
Tourists ; a famly from USA
Tour ;
Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Okonomiyaki lunch, Ryoanji temple, Ginkakuji temple, Yasaka shrine, Sannen-zaka, Kiyomizu temple
My family and I most recently returned from Japan and I want to write to you about our tour guide that volunteered to show us around Kyoto.
Meiko Tabata was most gracious, friendly and professional. 
She met us at our hotel right when she said she would and she took us around to see the many temples and shrines we had corresponded about.  She is most friendly, professional and knowledgable about the Kyoto area.
  She also gave us information on what we could do the next day and helped us make arrangements to enjoy a formal tea ceremony the day we left Kyoto which was a wonderful experience.
We have thanked Mrs.
Tabata several times but I want your organization to know how good she is and how much of an asset she is to your group. Thank you for what you do. 
Date: July 15 Guide: Tomoko Tourist: a couple from USA Tour: Fushimi Inari residences in Fushimi, Byodoin temple in Uji, Nishiki market in Kyoto, Ginkakunji (the Silver Pavillion) in Kyoto .
Tomoko had been my guide three years ago, the last time I was in Kyoto.
That was a wonderful experience. She had spent eight hours guiding me around Kyoto. 
This time she was guiding my wife as well as myself.
Hiroki, a guide trainee, came along to observe. We first headed to Fushimi Inari.
We had walked the trail of torii gates to the top of the mountain back in 2005 on a family trip.
On this day we only went through the first series of gates.
Tomoko explained the symbols used in the temple and its history.
 We toured the residences of the original caretakers of the Inari, open to the public for a special occasion.
They had lovely gardens and great views of the Inari shrine.
Tomoko then suggested that we go a little further away from Kyoto to Uji to see the Byodoin temple. She explained the history and the reason behind the architectural plan and details.
In the welcomingly air conditioned museum (it was a very HOT day!) they had statues and artifacts from the original temple. 
We had cold noodles and tempura for lunch at a restaurant on the shop-lined street in front of the temple entrance. Uji is famous for tea and there was a tempura fried sprig of fresh tea leaves and the scent of tea in the air outside. 
We returned to Kyoto and went to Nishiki market, a narrow alley of shops that extends a few blocks. The little stalls sell fish fresh, grilled, dried, and fried; tea; fruits and vegetables fresh and dried; otsukemono (pickles); kitchenware; squid and octopus on a stick; and lots of prepared food and snacks that I mostly couldn't identify. 
After Nishiki market, we hopped on a bus to go to Ginkakunji, the Silver Pavillion.
It's built up in the hills and has a nice view of the city, from the garden that climbs the slope. In front of one of the buildings is a white sand berm that's maintained to be flat on top to reflect moonlight into the building.
Thank you to Tomoko for guiding us through a full day of sightseeing.
We appreciated her insight, historical knowledge, and good company.
She loved answering our questions about Japanese history as well as current culture. And if she didn't have an answer to our question, she would seek out the answer.
We highly recommend Kyoto Free Guide and Tomoko!
Date; June 26 and 29th
Guide ; Meiko
Tourists ; a guest from USA
Sanjusangendo-hall, Yasaka-koshindo, Yasaka Pagoda, Kiyomizu-dera temple, Jishu-shrine, Sannen-zaka, Ninen-zaka, Ishibei-koji alley, Yasaka shrine, Gion area, Kenninji temple, Nishiki food market ( on 26th)
Nijo castle, Konchi-in temple, Nanzenji temple, Phylosopher's path, Ginkakuji temple, Local supermarket. ( on 29th )
Dear Meiko,I wanted to thank you again for being my guide for two days in Kyoto. Having you guide me through the city and the temples has completely transformed my trip.
I think I would have gotten so much less out of my trip if it was not for you. For example, your explanation of the meaning of different decorations on the walls of rooms in Nijo castle was astounding. I also would like to thank you for finding great lunch spots even in the most touristy areas.
I am forever in your debt and will be recommending you to anyone going to Kyoto.
Date : July 16th
Guide; Hisako
Tourists : a family from USA
Tour ; jakko-in temple, Sanzen-in temple, Hosen-in temple in Ohara
Thank you so much for the wonderful tour Chako-san! We had such a wonderful day in Ohara with you.
Date: July 24th
Guide : Hisako
Tourists ; a couple from Mexico
Tour ; Kinakuji temple, Ryoanji temple, Ninna-ji temple, Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest, Nonomiya shrine, enjoying Mikoshi ( portable shrine ) along the street.
Hello Chako-San!Thank you so much for your valuable time yesterday :-) we really enjoyed the tour :-) and thanks to you we can use now the bus ;-) Very useful information :-), tomorrow we are looking forward the bonsai-shop, once more thank you so much for your time :-)
Date: June 22nd
Guide; NorikoT
Tourists ; a famiy from Malaysia
Tour ; Sanjusangen-do hall, Kiyomizu temple, Udon noodle lunch,Kinkakuji temple, Nijo castle
Noriko and Tomoko, It has been a week since we left Kyoto on 23 June.
 It has been a wonderful trip in Japan, especially in Kyoto.  Special thanks to Noriko for your guiding on 22 June and absolute patience with our toddler boy. 
Let me know if you do come to Kuala Lumpur, I can be your one day guide to sample our Malaysia best - -- Food.  Many thanks again and take care  Best regards,
Date: May 14th
Guide; Hisako
Tourists ; a couple from USA
Tour ; Otagi-dera temple, Adashino-nembutsu-dera temple, Togetsu bridege at Arashiyama, Tenryu-ji temple, the bamboo forest, Rakushi-sha cottage, Nonomiya shrine and a Yuzen-zome craft studio.
I am so sorry for not writing sooner but life has been somewhat hectic here.
Everything is slowly getting back to normal.
Thank you so much for the pictures.
・・・We had such a wonderful time with you and on the rest of our trip.
It was wonderful getting to know you and seeing the little "off the beaten track" sites.
We loved it.
You are a special addition to our Japanese memories.
・・・ Our two trips have been some of our favorite travels....partly because of your beautiful country but mostly because of the wonderful people like you.
We cannot thank you enough and if you ever want to come visit the USA , please plan to stay part of it with us and we will take YOU around. Have a wonderful summer.
Date ; May 22nd and 30th
Guide; Ririko
Tourists ; guests from USA
Tour ;Konchiin Temple,Heian Shrine, Nishiki Food Market.( 22nd) 
    Kofuku-ji Temple,Isui-en Garden and Todai-ji Temple.(30th)
We had the most wonderful time with tour guide Ririko in Kyoto on May 22nd 2012 She  showed us amazing places including.. The smaller Konchi-In Temple  with it's well known eight windowed tea room and the Crane & Turtle gardens.. A few minutes walk away.. Was the enormous and majestic Nanzenji Temple set on 27 forested acres.. Then on to  the Heian Shrine.so colourful.. An unexpected bonus was the Shin-in gardens which circle around the back of the shrine and feature 2 ponds with waterlillies, iris flowers, huge carp & catfish... Large stepping stones and a pavillion popular for Japanese traditional  weddings make both ponds a drawcard for tourists and locals alike.. Soo many photos... So many spectacular visions abound. Ririko took us to The "Daruman" restaurant to sample and savour a traditional japanese meal.. so enjoyable..
Our final stop and parting place was the amazing  Nishiki Markets in downtown Kyoto..
Ririko was very pleasant, informative , well organised with her itinerary for us... and most of all.. considerate to my elderly mother of 76 years young.. We enjoyed our time with her so immensely that we asked her to join us for a 2nd day of exploring in a weeks time.. On May 30th we travelled from Namba with Ririko  to Nara for another day of sightseeing ... What a day, seeing more temples.. The famous Todai-ji Temple, the wonderful Isuien Gardens with it's tranquility and serenity and of course the famous Nara deer.. What a lovely city to wander.. Lunch was again  a traditional Japanese meal..once more an enjoyable experience.. We sadly said goodbye to Ririko on our return to Namba .... It has been a great learning ,sightseeing and friendly time with our new Japanese friend How lucky we are to have one of your volunteer guides to show us these treasures which we may overlook without their local knowledge...
Date: June 13th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourists; a couple from Australia
Tour : cycling to Bell cricket temple ( Suzumushi-tera temple), Zisoin temple ( bamboo temple) , Obanzai lunch at Gyatei, Bamboo forest, stopping by Jojakkoji temple and Rakushiha, visiting Gioji temple, Adashino nenbutu-dera temple, Otagi nenbutsu-dera temple
Dear Tomoko  Lesley and I are now back home and have had time to reflect on our holiday especially the wonderful day we spent with you in Kyoto Your knowledge of all the places you took us to was unbelievable and your English was outstanding particularly your translation of the Monk's address at the Temple of the Ringing Crickets, without you we would have missed out on his  enlightening message.You really took the time to consider the things that were of interest to us and provided a fantastic itinerary that left nothing out. Both of us felt at great ease in your company and we will remember our day at  for many years as the highlight of our trip to Japan. Lunch was a great treat and the Bike tour enabled us to see so much of the area especially the great variety of amazing temples.
Tomoko, once again thank you so much for giving up your time to look after us for the day.
Date; May 28th and 29th
Guide : Meiko and Miki ( a trainee ) on 28th, Tomoko on 29th
Tourists ; a family from USA
Tour ;Sanjyusangen-do, Yasaka Pagoda, Yasaka Koshindo, Kiyomizu Temple,Jishu Shrine, Sannei-zaka, Ninenzaka, Ishibeikoji,
Cycling along the Kamo River, Shimogamo Shrine, Gion area( Meiko and Miki (trainee) on 28th
Otagi nenbutsu dera, Adashino nenbutsudera, Gioji temple, Rakushisha poet hut, Bamboo forest, Togetsu bridge, Monkey park ( tomoko ) on 29th
Dear Meiko, Miki and Tomoko: We are back from our vacation in Japan, and I wanted to provide feedback of our tours on May 28 and 29. From the time we first contacted Kyoto Free Guide through the actual tours, you were all very responsive and kind. It is obvious that Meiko did much research and preparation to make sure our family would have an enjoyable tour of Kyoto, including finding a convenient bicycle shop rental.  My eight year old son loved the bike ride, especially after visiting so many temples, and always asked to go on another bike ride after that. It was very kind of you to go on the bike ride with us when it was such a warm day!  We all slept very well that night. We also liked the background information you provided on the sights. My family also greatly enjoyed out tour of Arashiyama with Tomoko. Tomoko was a trooper to go up Arashiyama Monkey Park, even after the park attendants warned us the trail was very slippery because of the rain. My son ranked it as one of his favorite experiences in Japan. One of my favorite temples I visited in Japan was Otagi nenbutsu dera in Arashiyama. Thank-you so much for your hard work and patience and for making our trip to Kyoto so rewarding. Please look us up if you are ever in San Francisco.
Date; May 21st and 22nd
Guide ; TomokoY and Meiko ( 21st ) Hisako ( 22nd)
Tourists ; guests from Bulgaria
Tour ; picking up at the station, Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Ryoanji temple, Gion
( 21st ) Old Imperila Palace, Ginkaku-ji temple, Yasaka pagpda, Kiyomizu-dera temple, Jishu-jinja shrine, Sanneizaka, Ninennzaka, Ichinenzaka, Ishibe-koji alley, Yasaka-jinja shrine(22nd)
Dear Tomoko Yoshihara, Meiko Tabata and Chako, On behalf of our small Bulgarian group I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had with you in Kyoto on May 21st and 22nd. Now we are safely back home and we have our wonderful memories and great pictures to remind us of your beautiful country! We all fell in love with Japan and Kyoto!
Date : June 1st
Guide ; Miki
Tourists ; guests from France, Spain, Andra and Sweeden.
Tour ; Kiyomizudera temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Kinkakuji temple
and Nishiki food market.
On June 1st, Miki Ishii was our guide in Kyoto. We had exchanged some emails before we arrived in Japan where she asked us about our interests to better prepare the itinerary of our visit. She also provided great advice on what to do during the days that we would spend in Kyoto and Nara on our own.
With Miki, we visited Kiyomizudera and Kinkakuji temple which we found really beautiful but the best was to have Miki explain us all interesting facts that we would have missed had we visited these places by ourselves. We walked through beautiful traditional Kyoto streets and stopped by Nishiki food market. We tasted rice cakes, grass noodles and tofu dishes that we found delicious! At the end of the day we took some pictures in a machine that we decorated with her, it was a lot of fun and we kept talking about it during the rest of our trip.
Miki is such a friendly person who has plenty of ideas to make tour visits special. Thanks to her we learnt about Japanese culture, food and lived authentic experiences. My friends and I all agree that our day with her was one of the biggest highlights of our trip and we are looking forward to meeting her in the future. I'm attaching a couple of pictures of our tour. Thanks a lot for this wonderful service and congrats for having Miki with you!
Date: May 31st
Guide ; Tomoko Y
Tourists ; a couple from New Zealand
Tour ; Kinkakuji temple, Ginkakuji temple, Omen ( Udon restaurant ), Heian shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Nenenomichi, Yasaka shrine, and a bit of Gion
Richard and I did so enjoy our day spent with Tomoko in Kyoto. She took us to four magnificent shrines/temples with their lovely zen gardens then chose a very authentic Udon Noodle restaurant for lunch. This dish was the specialty of Kyoto. We particularly enjoyed being able to chat with her about her life and interests, those of her husband and talk about her family. These conversations enabled us to get the feel of what life is like living in Kyoto and Japan and added a further dimension to our trip. Tomoko was extremely friendly and informative and we found that very special as it is not something you would normally get when travelling to a new country. At the end of the day we really felt that we had experienced real Japanese culture and cuisine.
Thank you Tomoko for being so very generous with your time.
Date: May 31st
Guide ; Hisako
Tourists ; two couples from Israel
Tour ; Nijo-jo castle, Kinkaku-ji temple, Ryo-an-ji temple, and Nin-na-ji temple,  a quick look at small temples in Tenryuji-temple site, walking along the bamboo path, dropping at Nonomiya-jinja shrine, and enjoying the view of Arashiyama with the bridge and the river.
Thank you very much for the wonderful day we had with you in Kyoto. The places 
were beautiful and interesting and your knowledge gave us an additional 
Date May 17th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourists : a guest from Spain
Tour :Myoshinji temple, Arashishiyama-Tenryuji temple, Togetsu bridge, Bamboo forest,
On the 17th of May I had a tour with one of your guides (Ririko). I
was wonderful and I enjoyed it a lot. Ririko was friendly and she
explained me all that I asked -and I asked a lot- about the places
that we visited and about Japanese culture.
Thank you for providing me in such a short time a guide.
Date; May 28th and 29th
Guide ; Meiko, Miki ( trainee ) TomokoY
Tourists ; a family from USA
Sanjyusangen-do, Yasaka Pagoda, Yasaka Koshindo, Kiyomizu Temple,Jishu Shrine, Sannei-zaka, Ninenzaka, Ishibeikoji,
Cycling along the Kamo River, Shimogamo Shrine, Gion area( Meiko and Miki (trainee) on 28th
Otagi nenbutsu dera, Adashino nenbutsudera, Gioji temple, Rakushisha poet hut, Bamboo forest, Togetsu bridge, Monkey park ( tomoko ) on 29th
Thank-you so much for being our guides in your lovely city. My family really enjoyed our outings with you.  The tours were very informative, and we were able to see things we would not have found on our own!  The Kyoto Free Guide is such a wonderful service, and all of you are very kind to spend the day with us. 
 If you are ever in San Frnacisco, I hope that you will look us up so we can return the favor!
Date ; April 4th 5th 6th
Guide : Tomko ( 4th ) Utako ( 5th ) Tomoko and Yuri ( 6th)
tourists / a couple from Canada
Tour :Shosuikaku Nishijin texile art museum, Hirano shrine, Golden pavillion, Ryoanji rock garden( on 4th with Tomoko)
Gion shirakawa, Gion hanamikoji ( on 5th with Utako)
Togetsu bridge, Tenryuji hatto hall, Tenryuji garden, Bamboo forest, Obanzai lunch ( on 6th with Tomoko and Yuri)
We would very much like to send a message to the Kyoto Free Guides to share with them the wonderful experience we had in Kyoto, first with you alone, and then with you and Yuri.  When we see the photos of the beautiful places we went to, the whole experience takes a "dream-like" quality which we will continue to enjoy, not only looking at the photographs, but cherishing the memories in our hearts.
It was such a great experience to be guided through beautiful Kyoto by people like you who have decided to devote some of your valuable time to make sure visitors to Kyoto return home with a bag full of great memories to share with their friends and family.
With our deep appreciation, we wish you the best of the very best, including a very happy summer,
Date : May 13th
Guide ; Noriko N
Tourists ; a couple from Australia
Tour ; Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Ishibeikoji, Gion, Okonomiyaki lunch, Nishiki food market, Kinkakuji temple, Fushimi Inari shrine
We would like to thank both you and Noriko for the fantastic tour we had in Kyoto on 13th May.
Noriko was a great guide and helped us appreciate the Japanese culture and food so much more. She was also very dedicated and spent a lot of time to prepare for our tour. We are amazed that we managed to visit Kiyomizudera, Ninensaka, Sanneisaka, Yusaka Shrine, Gion, Nishiki market, Nijo-jo Castle, Fushimi Inari and a very delicious okonomiyaki lunch. Noriko also spent extra time with us, just so that she could show us the amazing Fushimi Inari.  She's a really dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and responsible guide.
Thank you so much again to Kyoto Free Guide for making our trip to Japan so memorable
Date ; May 8th
Guide ;Hisako
Tourist : a woman from Canada
Tour ; Nijo-jo castle, Kinkakuji temple(Gold pavillion), Ryo-anji temple, Ginkakuji temple(Silver pavillion), Honen-in temple, Ysakano-to Pagoda, Kiyomizu-dera temple, Sannnen-zaka, Ninen-zaka, Yasaka-jinja shrine and Gion area.
I just want to thank you very much for guiding me around some of Kyoto's sight seeing spots. I enjoyed myself and learnt a lot. I am impressed how much we squeezed in! 
Also thank you very much for the ice cream too :). All the best and please let me know if you ever come to Vancouver, Canada! 

Date :April 6th
Guide: Yuuki
Tourist : a couple from Australia
Tour ; Nishiki food market, Fushimi Inari shrine, lunch at Japanese restaurant, Golden Pavillion, Food section on the department basement floor.
I had great time with you.Chris and I decided to go back to Kyoto in the future.We may bring our parents with us next time.Thank you so much to show us the wonderful Kyoto. I really enjoyed it.Thank you so much for all the efforts you put in. .
Date : April 29-31st
Guide ; Yuuki, Sumiko, Shiho ( a trainee )
Tourist ; a family from Australia
Tour ; Shorenin temple, Chion-in ( Gate ), Nishiki food market, Lunch( Sushi, Black beans lunch), Kioymizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka.( on 28th)
Kinkauji Temple, Ryoanji Temple,
Tenryuuji Temple, Bamboo groove, Gioji Temple and Togetsukyo Bridge ( on29th)
Matsunou Taisha Shrine, Kokedera Temple (or Saihouji Temple)
(around) and Jizo-in Temple.
We absolutely loved our Kyoto trip. Each day was unique and an adventure for us. We had a great day on Sunday with Sumiko and Shihoh strolling around the countryside at Arashiyama. 
On Monday we travelled with Sumiko to some more beautiful temples and gardens. We will never forget what a beautiful country Japan is and how enjoyable it was to travel. 
It was a great pleasure to meet you - your English language is fantastic and our girls adored you.
I hope we can meet you again one day too and we wish you all the very best with your future
Date : April 27th
Guide ; TomokoY
Tourist ; a couple from Israel
Tour ; Nijo castle, Kinkakuji temple, Ryoanji temple, Gion Shirakawa, Gion Shinbashi, Gion Hanamikoji
We would like to thank you for the great trip we had with you to Kyoto on
April 2012.
We were impressed with the warm hospitality and detailed knowledge we gained
due to your guidance.
Together we visited amazing temples, flourishing gardens and impressive
You are an asset to any tourist coming to Japan, and we cherish the moments
we spent with you.
The "Guide For Free" initiative is a remarkable idea, and because of you we
saw Japan in an all together different light, and better understood what we
We are grateful for the time you spent with us, and hope to see you again in
the future, either in Japan or in Israel.
Date: April 12, 2012
Guide; Noriko N
Turists: people from Canada and France
Tour ; Nishiki food market, Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest
Noriko was very pleasant and helpful durin this day. She is very dedicated and didn't hesitate to answer our questions. 
 We had a lovely (rainy) day!  
Thank you very much
Date: May 1st and 5th
Guide; TomokoY ( May 1st) Ririko ( May 5th)
Tourists: a woman from USA 
Tour ; pickles-making at pickles shop, Nishijin texitle center, Shosuikaku Nishijin art museum, Wagashi ( candy ) making at Wagashi shop. ( May 1st)
Nishiki food market, Okonomiyaki lunch, Rokuoin temple, Soba making, Kitano shrine, Kamishichiken area ( May 5th )
Dear Tomoko
I can't thank you enough for arranging everything so I could fulfill my food dreams in Kyoto. With the generous guidance of you and Ririko I was able to take classes in making wagashi (sweets), pickled vegetables, and soba noodles -- and in the last two I was lucky enough to be the only student in the class and could really benefit from the teacher's full attention! Not only were you two charming hosts and excellent interpreters, but you both were generous and thoughtful companions and suggested extra places to visit that added more dimensions to my experience of lovely Kyoto. 
Tomoko, with your deep knowledge of the city, you were better than a GPS, and had us effortlessly jumping on one bus after another. I really appreciated the stops to see textiles, kimono fashion show and amazing fabrics (plus the wiggly silkworms). You made me lose my fear of the busses and I took them alone during the rest of the week. I got to take my wagashi home to share with my husband and the next day at exactly 10:05 am, the man from Kawakatu delivered my pickle bucket. What a thrill to dig up my pickles and enjoy them. Thank you for answering all my questions.
Ririko, you were kind enough to have prepared a whole list of food translations that came in handy during our tour of Nishiki Market. I also got to ask you things I was curious about. I loved our stops at the peaceful Rokuo-in temple and the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. I never would have found those breath-takingly beautiful hidden spots in Kyoto without your help. You graciously took pictures of me my trying my hand at soba making. And at the end of the day, you were so thoughtful to come with me to the market so I could get the necessary ingredients to enjoy my soba noodles at home.
Kyoto Free Guides is more than just a wonderful service to help foreigners get to know the lovely city of Kyoto. The personal touches, thoughtfulness and generosity of its guides allow for discussions comparing our cultures that a foreigner would never get to have with other "strangers." The special relationships that developed during our days together will leave a lasting impression. 
Deep thanks for a once-in-a-lifetime experience,

Date ; April 22th to April 25th
Guide ; Chiyoko
Tourists ; a couple from Israel
Tour ; Kinkakuji temple, Domoto art museum, Ryoanji rock garden, Nijo castle, Ramen lunch, Marc RIboud photo exhibition, Gion(the 1st day)
Viewing Heijo Palace from the train, Kofujiku temple, Todaiji temple, ( Nandaimon gate, Big Buddha) Nigatsudo hall, Isuien garden, (the 2nd day)
Ginkakuji temple(Silver Pavillion) Phylosophy path, Gion Hanamikoji, Gion Shirakawa, Yasaka shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Sanjusangendo hall( the 3rd day)
Tenryuji temple, Monkey Park, Rokkakudo hall, walking to Shimogamo shrine ( the 4th

We feel lucky twice:

 1) we got a guide during our stay in your beautiful and vibrant city;

2) Chiyoko was our guide. She spent with us four full days.
 All these days were well-organized, interesting, fruitful. We saw a lot ( Kyoto and Nara, temples and shrines, museums and Japanese food, gardens and parks, sakura blossom and animals, streets and markets),  learned a lot about the country, the culture, the people.
 Chiyoko is very good guide, energetic, flexible, with excellent communication skill and wide knowledge. We got answers on our numeral questions and dream to visit Japan again. Especially Kyoto.   


Sure that we also recommend to all our friends and colleagues visit Kyoto and don’t miss this wonderful service.

Date ; April 23rd
Guide ; TomokoY
Tourists ; a family from Australia
Tour:: Nijo castle, Wagashi candy making, Kinkakuji temple + Okonomiyaki lunch, Ryoanji temple, Bamboo forest, walking along the Hozu river.
Our family had the most wonderful day with Tomoko from Kyoto freeguide. We saw many of Kyoto's important sites plus had some extra experiences we would not have otherwise found. Our girls enjoyed the traditional candy making lesson you arranged. We now have a much better appreciation for the amount of time and detail taken to create the beautiful boxed candies we see in the shops througout Japan. Another highlight was the best ever Okonomyiaki! We are still dreaming of it. This was one of the best meals we had during our trip and again, we would not have found that little restaurant without you Tomoko.
Thank you again for making our first day in Kyoto so memorable and enjoyable. Everyone who comes to Kyoto should have the experience of a local guide to fully appreciate this lovely city.
Date April 09th
Guide ; Hisako
Tourists ; a group from Australia
Tour ; Assisting in seeing a doctor in the hospital, Sanjusangendo hall, Ginkakuji temple ( silver pavillion), Phylosophy path, Yasaka pagaoda, Kiyomizu temple
Thank you again for all your kind efforts, in particular your patience and immense assistance with Michael whilst he was at the hospital. We certainly won't forget that experience! He is much better now. Thank you for the lovely photos. We enjoyed Kyoto and the bus rides!! Hope to meet again some day. .
Date: April 11th
Guide ; Hisako
Tourists : a group from Singapore
tour: Golden Pavillion, Ninnaji temple, Gyatei Obanzai lunch, Togetsu bridge, Tenryuji temple Bamboo forest
I hear praises from my friends about the day tour despite the rainy day. 
And many thanks for sending us pictures, I'll forward it to them!
We've just reached Singapore safely and already beginning to miss Japan! I hope I get a chance to visit in the near future.
Date : April 1st
Guide; Noriko N
Tourists: a family from UK
Tour ; Kyoto Sagano sightseeing tram for Kameoka, Kyoto Sagano sightseeing tram for Arashiyama, Bamboo forest, Uzumasa Movie studio
Thank you very much for being our guide in Kyoto.  
We enjoyed your company enormously and are very grateful to you for all the studying you did for the Hozu river boat trip and sending the photos.  If you have any more photos of our visit I would be grateful if you could send them also.
we send our best wishes to you,
Date : March 18th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourists: a family from USA
Tour: Togetsu bridge, Hogen-in temple, Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest, Nishiki food market
We made it home safely.
Thanks for taking us around. We had more fun in Kyoto because of you.
Please come see us in Hong Kong soon.
Keep in touch and take care.
Hanie and sisters, Chad.
Date :March 14th
Guide; Ririko
Tourists : a family from Latvia
Tour ; Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Entokuin ( tea ceremony), Ishibeikoji, Maruyama park, Yasaka shrine, Gion shirakawa, Gion hanamigoji
Thank you very much for the wonderful tour. We enjoyed it a lot! It was a big pleasure and very educating !
We wanted to send very warm thanks to you and here also comes a small photo we took :)Thanks a lot,
Hello Ririko, once more thanks so much! We are back home and I saw the photos, too :) Very nice! Warm greetings from everybody to you! どうもありがとうございました Janis and family
Date: Feb. 29th, March 1st, 2nd.
Guide; Ririko, Tomoko, Sumiko
Tourist : a woman from USA
Tour; Nishiki food market, Gion area, Kenninji temple, ( a half day)(29th)
Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion, Bamboo forest, Gioji temple, Kyo-yuzen dye house-factory, (1st)
Silver pavillion, Heian shrine, Kiyomizu temple and Ninenzaka,Sannenzka, and Kimono shop(2nd)
Hi Tomoko-san. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you, Ririko, ans Sumiko have done to make sure my visit to Kyoto was a success. I loved every minute of my trip and will help spread the word about you guys. Thanks a bunch.
Date: Feb. 4th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourist ; a couple from Australia
Tour; Yasaka pagoda, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Ishibeikoji, Nishiki food market, Nijo castle, Golden Pavillion
"We enjoyed a wonderful day in Kyoto with Tomoko. Not only did we learn a
huge amount about Kyoto's history and unique food and culture, we also saw
much of the city and learned how to navigate the city's transport network.
Tomoko even assisted us in planning our itinerary for the remainder of our
time in, and future visits to, Kyoto!
It was terrific to hear Tomoko's explanation of the background and
significance of the historical sites we visited - Kyomizu-dera, Nijo-jo,
the Golden Pavillion and Gion Corner. We also had a magical stroll through
the Nishiki Market, where Tomoko described to us all the different local
foods and distinctive food preparation techniques.
A special treat was to try Kyoto's local cuisine for lunch, and Tomoko was
again able to assist us in ordering a range of delicious Kyoto
We would certainly not have seen as much, nor gained as much knowledge of
the 'real Kyoto', had we tried to tour Kyoto on our own. Tomoko made the
day particularly special by organising an interesting and efficient
itinerary and providing us with just the right amount of information
throughout the day.

We have already recommended Tomoko to family and friends who intend to
visit Kyoto!"
Date : Dec. 30th
Guide : Ririko
Tourist ; a couple from Spain
Tour ; Nison-in, Adashino Nenbutsu dera, Gion ( Hanamikoji and Shinbashi), Kenninji temple, Yasaka pagoda, Nineizaka, Ishibei-koji, Maruyama park and Yasaka shrine.
Thanks Ririko for that wonderful day in Kyoto. It was a very nice walking in Arashiayama: the amazing zen gardens and the bamboo forest and also the places you show us in Gion were fantastic. Besides, we want to say that you are very nice, kind, and patient person too ( with all our questions ) 
Thanks for your time and generosity!
We sure that we will recommend Kyoto Free Guide to our friends and family if they visit Kyoto one day.
Our best wishes for you and your family!!
ありがとうございます ^__^
Date: Dec. 29th
Guide : Mikiko
Tourist ; a family from Columbia
Tour : Fushimi Inari shrine, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka, Ishibei koji, Gion ( including Shinbashi along Shirakawa )
Thanks a lot for the tour. We had a great time.
AT Kyoto Station we got maps and information about traveling around.
Your help was wonderful, without you, I don't think we wouldn't seen it everything you saw today. We were very happy and you were very patient and nice.
Again Thanks a lot.
Also thanks for the information you sent with the email.
Date : Dec. 8th
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist ; a couple from USA
Tour : Nishiki food market, Silver Pavillion, Nishijin texitle center, Kitano shrine Maple park, Golden pavillion.
Still thinking about our wonderful trip and how lucky we were to have you as a
The next day we got to the Imperial Palace and Garden tour. 
Thanks again for showing us around your beautiful city and helping us navigate the transportation system.
You live in such an interesting city, we hope to visit again.
Best wishes and thanks again,
Date: Dec. 1st
Guide : Noriko
Tour : Todaiji temple, Nara park, Kamameshi lunch, Uji byodoin temple, Taihoan tea ceremony, Fushimi Inari
Thank you for your pictures that make us all look good.
We had a wonderful day with you. You have the personality to succeed as a guide---both with the people you guide and the strangers you interact with on the streets.
We wish you and your family well.
Aloha and regards,
Date : Nov. 22nd
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist ; a family from Canada
Tour : Nijo castle, Nishijin texitle center, Golden Pavillion
Tomoko,I would like to thank you for a wonderful tour.  It was great that your contact was so clear to us, and we knew exactly where to meet you and how to find you and contact you.  The tour itself was good, you were knowledgeable about the Nijo castle and the Golden Pavilion.  The trip to the textile center is one that I believe many tourists would find very interesting, and I would recommend buying gifts from there.  There was nowhere else in Japan that we found as good of deals for such great quality on traditional fabric and craftwork.  Thank you so much.  The next morning we went to the temple with the zen garden with a zen made mountain in it , it was right beside my friend’s house.  It too was amazing, and I would recommend it to everyone, especially in late November.  The leaves positively glowed red and yellow and orange.  It was breathtaking.  Thank you again for a great view of Kyoto.
Date : Nov. 19th
Guide ; Kaori
Tourist ; a group from France
Tour ; Nijo castle, Nishijin texile center, Golden Pavillion
Konnichiwa Kaori-San,
I am just back home and can now take some time to properly thank you. Saturday was a very nice day in your company and in spite of the hard rain, the places we visited together (Nijo castle and Kinkakuji) were really beautiful and are among our favorite of Kyoto. And the lunch oishii !
We really appreciated the information well prepared you gave us, and moreover your friendliness.
Once again, hontoni arigatou gozaimasu!
Hope to have your visit one day in Paris or Singapore.
Ki o tsukete 
Matta ne :)
Date : Oct. 25th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourist; a family from the Philippines
Tour : Kiyomizu temple, Jishu Shrine, the Muserum of Modern Art
We had RIRIKO for our guide last October 25 and we are so grateful for her showing us around Kiyomizu Temple, Jishu Shrine, and the Museum of Modern Art. She tirelessly answered my 6 year old son's questions and was able to represent her country with what they are known for; utmost respect, joy, and patience. Thank you so much Ririko!
Date : Oct. 11th
Guide; Tomoko
Tourist ; a family from Australia
Tour ; Golden pavillion, Shosuikaku Nishijin texile art gallary, silver pavillion
Hi Tomoko,
Thank you very much for taking the time to show my Mother around the beautiful place that is Kyoto. 
There were so many sights to see and explore that I wish we had more time to enjoy all of the wonderful things that it has to offer.
We both really loved the time that we spent in Kyoto and hope to return again to Japan one day.
Attached are a couple of images taken at the Golden Palace and the Silver Palace.
I hope that all is well with you.
Date ; Oct. 9th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourist ; a couple from Canada
Tour ; Heian shrine, Nanzenji temple, Nishiki food market
We visited Kyoto on October9, 2011. Our guide Ririko was wonderful. She made a great combination of historical and cultural tourist attractions for us.  We were able to view beautiful sceneries, took a lot of pictures and learn some interesting facts about Japanese history, traditions and culture.  
We highly recommend Kyoto Free guide to tourist visiting this part of Japan.
Couple from Toronto,
Date : Oct. 3rd
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist ; a man from Ireland
Tour ; Bamboo forest, Golden pavillion, Zuiho-in ( Datiokuji temple), Koto-in ( Daitokuji temple), Genko-an temple
How are you? I really loved Japan, it's my favorite country that I have visited.
I want to thank you again for being my guide. It was really great to see some things in Kyoto that I would not have seen otherwise. I loved the bamboo forest and the temples we saw and it was nice to hear your knowledge of the history surrounding them. The next day I took your advice and went to see Nijo Castle and Fushimi-Inari Shrine, which I really loved. 
Thanks again for everything,
Date : Sep. 23rd
Guide : Ririko
Tourist ; a couple from USA
Tour : Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest, walking in Arashiyama, Nishiki food market
We had the pleasure of touring Kyoto for one day with Ririko.  We went to the Sagano area (Tenryuji temple and waking Bamboo forest) and to the Nishiki market.  In addition to learning a lot about Kyoto, we became familiar with the transport system and getting around.  This made it easier for us to explore on our own the next couple of days.
Ririko was fun to be with and was very informative.  We look forward to visiting again and would recommend Kyoto Free Guide to everyone!
Date;Aug. 23rd
Guide: Tomoko
Tourist; a couple from Spain
Tour : Yasaka pagoda, Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka, Nineizaka, Ishibeikouji (the old paths from the temple), tea ceremony in the temple, Sanjusangendo hall, Okonomiyaki lunch, Byodoin temple, Fushimi Inari shrine
We want to thank you for your time and kindness. It was a great day visiting Kyoto (such a wonderful place!). Specially we loved going to Uji, where we probably wouldn't have gone. An ancient and beautiful place we really liked. And we also liked okonomiyaki, it tasted so good. Later in our trip, we ate Hiroshima's okonomiyaki style as you suggested. Thank you for guiding us and letting us better know Kyoto and Japan. We send you a picture we took in Uji.
Arigato gozaimashita!
Date ; July 25th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourist ; a woman from France
Tour ; Nijo castle, Kitano shrine ( flea market ), Golden Pavillion, Bamboo forest
Tomoko was a perfect guide, she showed me many sites and spent a long day
with me.
she speaks perfectly english, so it was a pleasure to have explanations
about every place we visited. I recommande her very warmly, she knows every place in Kyoto, and was very efficient.
Date : July 22nd
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist ; a woman from Romania
Tour ; Golden Pavillion, Adashino-nenbutsu-dera, Bamboo forest, Sanjusangendo-hall
the entire tour was super, when i ll return, hope next june-not hot! i ll announce you for visit kyomizu dera and nijo castle and if you could join me to koyasan, because this time i was to tired to go from osaka-how i had planned.
a big hug from romania!
Date : July 20th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourist : A couple from Australia
Tour ; Ryoanji rock garden, Golden pavillion, Silver pavillion, Phylosophy path, Nanzenji temple, Heian Shrine, ( Kiyomizu temple by their own)
Dear Tomoko,
Thank you so much for giving us your time last week, and not only showing us around Kyoto, but also sharing your stories of Kyoto's history and culture.  It really was such a highlight of our trip to Japan.   Thank you also for being flexible with the plans for the day, and allowing us to see the temples and shrines on our wish list.  And your choice of restaurant for lunch was perfect!
From where you left us at Heian Shrine, we made our way to Kiyomizu Temple and walked back through Gion to our hotel at the end of the day.
We have attached a few of our pictures from the day, and will send a few more on a separate email.
Date : May 28th
Guide ; Sono
Tourist : a woman from Australia
Tour : Sanjusangendo hall, Kiyomizu temple, Yasaka shrine, Nishiki food market
Sono was my guide on 29th May.  I had a wonderful rainy day with her in  Kyoto.  We visited Sanjusangendo Hall, Kiyomizu temple, Yasaka Shrine and Nishiki food market.
We were fortunate enough to see the end of a traditional Japanese wedding ceremony at Yasaka shrine. I had a lovely day.  Sono had a lot of information and it was lovely to chat about various aspects of Japanese life and culture.
Sono, Thank you so much for a great day in Kyoto.
Date : Mar. 14th
Guide ; Tomoko
Tourist : a couple from Spain
Tour : Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka, Entokuin temple ( tea ceremoney), Ishibekoji, Yasaka shrine, Ginkakuji temple( Silver Pavillion), Kinkakuji temple ( golden Pavillion)
Tomoko was our guide through the streets and temples of Kyoto, and we must say that it was the best way of visiting it. 
There is nothing like being guided by someone who loves deeply her city. We visited Kiyomizu, Entokuin temple, Ginkakuji and Kinkakuji, and we enjoyed every part of them. 
You have an extremely beautiful city, and we hope to visit it again soon. Thank you very much!
Date : Mar. 1st
Guide : Ririko
Tourist : a man from Singapore
Tour : Nishiki food market, Gion, Nishijin textile center, Nishijin Machiya photo studio, Lunch( by Ririko) Kinkakuji temple,Ryoanji rock garden, Gion Corner( with Ririko's suggestion)
Ririko was an excellent guide for me on 1 Mar from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. She brought me to Nishiki Food Market and Gion district before taking me to Entoku-in Temple to experience a wonderful traditional tea ceremony.
We even had time to catch a kimono fashion show at Nishijin Textile Center, view traditional Hina dolls in a heritage house and had simple Donburi lunch.
It was most relaxing and enjoyable despite the cold and the rain.
Ririko was most knowledgeable and a delight to spend time with. Thank you Ririko for a wonderful day in Kyoto and thank you to everyone at Kyoto Free Guide for your friendship and generosity! I hope to visit Kyoto again soon.
Date : Mar. 5th
Guide : Tomoko
Tourists : a couple from Australia
Tour ; Tenryuji temple, Bamboo forest, Monkey park, Togetu bridge, Ryoanji rock garden, Kinkakuji temple, Nishiki food market.
Hi Tomoko san,
How are you? I hope you are well and not feeling too much in pain from our little adventure walking up to the monkey forest. 
Once again, million thanks for spending the day your free day with us around Kyoto. We saw alot of places being with you, so much different to our day today on our own. I will send you a picture of me in maiko costume in gion - unfornunately I didn't get to walk around gion due to rain. We also visited the Kiyomizu-dera today and walked around the Maruyama koen...yes lots of walking and very tired....
Take care, just a a quick email to say thank you again!
 If you ever visit Australia (we are from Melbourne) let me know and I will return the favour,I will be your guide.
Date : Feb. 22nd
Guide : Ririko
Tourists : a man from Indonesia
Tour :Tenryuji, bamboo forest, Monkey park, Ninnaji temple, Kinkakuji temple, Nishiki food market, Gion
I would like to thank you for arranging a free guide for me on 22nd Feb. Ririko-san was assigned to guide me, and she had been very helpful throughout the day.
I had visited places that I believe would have hard for me to discover myself, she is knowledgeable about the area and the route of transportation all around.
I had a great trip and wish you all the best, i believe lots of people had a tremendous help from Kyoto Free Guide.
Date: Jan. 7th
Guide ; Ririko
Tourists ; a couple from Italy
Tour ; Kinkakuji temple, Ryoanji rock garden, Nijo castle, Nishiki food market
At the beginning of January we had the absolute pleasure to have Ririko as our guide.  She is charming, full of energy, a wonderful sense of humor, and a terrific organizer.  
She managed to accompany us to many places , using the busses and metro, and accompanied us to a memorable lunch in the market. 
Our visit to Kyoto would never have been as nice as it was without her help and 'simpatia'.
Anyone coming to Kyoto would be very lucky to meet and spend a day with Ririko
Date : Jan. 12th
Guide : Tomoko
Tourist ; a couple from Russia
Tour ; Kiyomizu temple, Sanneizaka Nineizaka, Chion-in, Shoren in, Okonomiyaki lunch, Nishiki food market
Dear Tomoko,
I could hardly find words to thank you for excursion on January 12th! This was really what we wanted to: sightseeing and nice company of person from Kyoto, loving the city. 
I do appreciate that you and other guides find time to welcome foreign people and show the historical city. It's completely different experience from reading the guide-books only! 
Date : Dec. 23
Guide ; Sono
Tourist ; a couple from USA
Tour ; Bamboo forest, Tenryuji temple, Togetu bridge,
Thanks to Sono for guiding us to the Bamboo forest, Tenryuji temple, Togetsu bridge in December, 2010. My husband and I had a very nice time. It was nice to put our guidebook away and have a personal guide! Nina & Mike
Date : Dec. 22nd
Guide : Sono
Tourist : a family from Indonesia
Tour : Kiyiomizu temple, Gion, Kinkakuji temple, Okonomiyaki lunch, Ryoanji, Nishiki food market
Just wanted to thank you for guiding us - you certainly made our trip much more enjoyable and memorable.