Thank you for your cotributing feedbacks to us. We are very happy to know that you enjoyed the tour with us
Thank you for having us to show us Kyoto and thank you very much for your time. We were very happy with your company enjoying Kyoto.Everything was planned from the meeting point at Hankyu Osaka train station in the morning until we separated just before arriving back at Osaka. Chako even offered us to visit Her house because we would like to see ordinary  Japanese way of life including the supermarket but We were very sorry that we were running out of time. We are coming back to Japan and this time straight from Kansai airport to Kyoto for a few days.
Thank you and see you again.
Hi Michiro,
I just want to than you for the wonderful day in Kyoto you shared with I loved every minute of it.   I am enjoying looking at my pictures andreliving the experience.  My trip to Japan was amazing and I tell all myfriends that Japan is such a beautiful and friendly country. If ever youcome to the USA it would be my pleasure to be your guide in Florida.Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and time.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organisation for the excellent service you have provided me and to my sons David and Andrew. We met Hirokazu on our arrival to Kyoto and your new member Kousuke. Little did we know the wonderful and excellent guide Hirokazu was, he was extremely knowledgeable and knew how to get the best of our day. We visited your beautiful city for 2 days  and it was so much more enjoyable to go with Hirozaku and Kousuke. My sons enjoyed every minute of the day and we will have lovely memories of our visit to Japan.I would be grateful if you would thank your volunteers Hirokasu and Kousuke for making such a memorable part of our holiday, both of them were caring, considerate and extremely polite. Kousake will be a great guide, I hope both of them enjoy our company too.Finally, I would like to add that I will be more that happy if you want to share my e-mail with your team.
 it was a great pleasure to meet uou and we thoroughly enjoyed the day sightseeing the important sights of Kyoto.Many thanks for your time.Warm RegardsThank you so much for the photos.I certainly had a wonderful experience, especially in Kyoto with you. I'm so glad I got to see many places with you. Thank you for being my guide in Kyoto and sharing with me so many things about Kyoto and Japan in general I hope to visit Japan again some day, maybe next time I should go up north to Hokkaido! I returned to a hazy weather in Singapore; due to the forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia, the wind blows the smoke and it has been very hazy here.
wanted to provide some feedback on the guide service Hideko provided during my stay in Kyoto.  She was an excellent guide and is a great cultural ambassador for Japan.  I enjoyed out time together and will definitely use the service the next time I visit Kyoto.
We have just returned back home from our trip to Japan and wanted to let you know how  much we enjoyed having you as our guide in Kyoto. We were extremely pleased with the sights that you showed us over the 2 days (Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji, Kiyomizu, textile factory and the Nishiki market). Everyone in our family remarked that you were better than any professional guide since you had extensive knowledge of the history of these places but made it more enjoyable by your enthusiasm. We also enjoyed having Tatsuya-san join our group for the day.I have attached a picture of us at lunch where we were having fun making Okonomi-yaki.  I  am also cc'ing the Kyoto free guide email in case they want to put our comments on the website.Thanks so much for showing us around Kyoto.  We highly recommend using the Kyoto free guide association for personalized tours of Kyoto!
We recently had one of your volunteer tour guides Hideko Ohta show us around Kyoto for a day. We found her to be a wonderful guide, with a good knowledge of the area. She took us to a variety of  places of interest (the Golden temple, Ryoanji temple and Kiyomizu-Dera temple to name a few.In our view, we thoroughly  recommend your free volunteer guide service to anyone who is interested in this type of service and we thank you for introducing us to Hideko.
"Nous avons passe une journee tres agreable avec Nanae. Elle nous a fait visiter, avec notre accord prealable - le marche aux puces de  Kintano Tenmamngu qui a lieu tous les 25 du mois (a conseiller fortement pour ceux qui veulent acheter pas trop cher),  - Fushimi Inari : le fameux sanctuaire avec les portes - tori  oranges, - une annexe du temple Tofukuji dont le jardin est de toute beaute, le sommum de la "zenitude" - le quartier de Gion, ou les geishas officient Nanae est tres sympathique, joviale et conciliante. Elle nous a explique beaucoup de traditions qui nous ont permis de mieux comprendre certains aspects de la vie japonaise. Je la conseille vivement pour vos prochaines visites et je lui souhaite de reussir son projet de lieu d'accueil pour les francais residant a Kyoto
Queremos mandarnos nuestro agradecimiento por las atenciones recibidas por Korobi Yoji.Su bien hacer y sus ensenanzas nos hicieron descubrir la esencia de Kyoto y sus gentes.  Muchas Gracias Yoji.
>Having only 1 day tour with you with my husband and daughter on Christmas day 2012 is fabulous day we ever had before.  I am just understand why people always highly recommend to visit Kyoto....there are something  on quote"ancient" of Kyoto city make us promising ourselves to come back some day.Many thanks for giving the great experiences for us. Nishiki Market is place that my daughter found her favorite baby octopus...and Kiyomizu temple and Kinkaku-ji are my husband'favourite places.
(Guide : Tomoko )
I would like to say thank you so much for the wonderful time I had in Kyoto.But for you, I could not understand deeply the cultural beauty of places we visited.
But for you I will just take photos of those with complements about their beautiful appearance only.
I do thank for your guide and sharing alot.Thanks for your good will to assist a stranger like me, you have shared me your valuable one day time... :)
(Guide : Michiro )
I have attach two photos taken during our tour and definitely enjoyed your company last Sunday specially the sushi lunch (my first time). Hope to see you again in the future. Your friends from down under (Australia).
Hi Noriko: I am sorry I did not reply or email you to you earlier. Once in Tokyo, training kept me very busy.
My time in Kyoto was lovely - one that I will never forget.
You are very lucky to live there!I cannot thank you enough for the time you share with me and for the time you put into planning our day trip! It was perfect!  Thank you again for all your help.
(GUide ; Noriko )
We ended our trip to Japan We want to thank your organization and especially our guide Yoji Kobori support and assistance provided during our visit to Kyoto a souvenir photo Thanks for everything Jose Maria Martinez
( Guide Yoji )
Buenos dias: Les envio este e-mail para comunicarles el servicio prestado por el Sr.
KOBORI YOJI, el pasado dia 2-3-2013, en nuestra visita a la ciudad de Kyoto.
Queremos manifestar nuestro agradecimiento por la excelente labor realizada por este Sr.
y su agradable trato y simpatia con nosotros.
Hemos quedado encantados con el y lo recomendaremos a nuestros conocidos en Espana. Muchas gracias por sus servicios.
Un saludo. JUAN ( guide : Yoji)
Dear kumiko san, it was such a blessing tonhave you with us on friday at nara. We feel we have made a friend for life.
Ananya and rohini are also so grateful to you for your knowledgable and affectionate guidance in nara.
We ope you had a safe rde to osaka. Also, hope you had a wonderful wedding party. Do send us pictues if possible.
We had a great day yesterday in kyoto with takei san.
He is such a delightful person, we talked to him about you, and he has fond memoriesnof meeting you last year.
We proceed to hiroshima today, ee wiwllq keep you posted on our travel in japan.
We hope to see you soon either in japan or in the US. Please do be in trouch, we will stay in touch. Warmest regards
( guide Kumiko )
I would like to thank you for a fantastic day today and hope you enjoyed your day with our family We enjoyed our time with you. 
Lunch was wonderful We learnt a lot today from you today, you are very informative about Kyoto.
I will be recommending Kyoto free guide to all in Australia.
Best wishes for you and your family.
( Guide : Michiro)
Como estas?. Espero que te encuentres muy bien tu y tu mujer.
Estan disfrutando el Mate y el Dulce de Leche?.
Nosotros ya estamos en Buenos Aires y queriamos agradecerte por tu compania en Kyoto, la pasamos hermoso y espero que en algun momento de nuestras vidas podamos encontrarnos nuevamente.Si alguna vez vienen a Buenos Aires nos avisas y nosotros te ayudaremos en todo lo que sea necesario y te llevaremos a conocer lugares.
Te envio las fotos que nos sacamos y tambien las estoy enviando a la pagina de Free Guide!!!!
Te envio un abrazo grande!!! Guide : Yoji
Many thanks for the lovely tour around Kyoto. We had a great day visiting historical spots, places of worship and workshops. You came well prepared,  and always had some ideas when we had to improvise and find alternatives if circumstances were different than planned. You were always very polite and went out of your way to accomodate any preferences and special requests we had. Arigato gozamaisu. I will certainly recommend Kyoto Free Guides to my friends visiting Japan.
(guide : Noriko)
Good morning, We are leaving Kyoto after 3 wonderfull days, february 13-16 2013, and we are very gratefull for the excellent services we received from our guide Makoto.
He is very knowledgeable, fluent in French and English, has a great sense of humor.
We will cherish for years to come our visit with Makoto. Guide * Makoto
Many who come to Kyoto enjoy trying to spot a Geisha on her way to a Tea House, especially around Gion.
There is something special about the unique style of Japanese hospitality expressed in the figure of a Geisha.
Yet there is a new kind of japanese hospitality which is just as nihonteki as geisha, as I was to discover - and they are the goodwill guides!
It became clear to me as Tomoko, our guide for the day, lead us to the sights ? Toji-in, Kinkajuki, Ryoanji and Nishiki markets ?
that I and my brothers were experiencing something very special and very japanese by having a guide.
Everything from Religion, Aesthetics, Poetry to Okonomiyaki (“japanese pizza”) was the topic of our conversation.
This for me was the highlight ?
I was so glad to be able to discuss so many subjects and have a deep conversation about japanese culture which brought the life the many ancient places we visited.
The place I will remember most was one Tomoko recommended: Ryoanji, known for its Rock Garden.
There we were shown the meaning of the garden that would have gone right passed us had we gone unaccompanied, but thanks to our guide, we discovered a hidden treasure.
It was fun to count the rocks from different angles and then reflect on the meaning of imperfection, a thoroughly Japanese experience! Geisha are especially sought after for their conversation and ability to make a meal into a special experience.
To any who come to Japan, especially Kyoto, my recommendation is this: The conversation you will have with a free kyoto guide will bring to life the spirit of Japan and transform sightseeing into a journey through time and culture, with plenty of good humour as well.
( Guide : Tomoko)
Dear chako! Thank you very much for everything For your kind photos For the great day we had with you The time you spent with us was very enjoyable and a true pleasure! My sister and mother also send their warm regards We hope you have a great year ahead full of good luck, good health and much happiness!! Best regards
I am back in Israel after an additional week in Hong Kong. Only now I am beginning to digest all my thrills from Kyoto.
It was a great week in Kyoto, and the day with you was a highlight! You were so helpful and knowledgeable and cheerful- and led us to see all the wonderful sights of this great city. On the behalf of my daughters and myself I would like to thank you again! Yours
( Guide: Hisako)
We wish to thank you for the wonderful day we had with you in Kyoto. You really made the day enjoyable, informative and fun. You took our itinery into account and added the addition of the Monkey Park to the delight of our children, who thoroughly enjoyed their encounter. You guided us through the rail system, explained the best way to catch a bus, informed us about the culture, patiently waited for our endless photography, happily posed for us and even back tracked when one of our children decided they had not seen enough of the Bamboo Grove. We still talk about the delicious okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) at the wonderful little restaurant you took us to for lunch. I would still love this recipe. If you ever make it to Sydney we would love to show you our city. Thank you Arigato
( guide : Tomoko)
Dear Noriko, thank you for a marvelous day yesterday.
Clare and I enjoyed ourselves enormously.
Bamboo gardens, warm restaurants, fascinating temples and shrines but above all exquisitely maintained plants and gardens landscapes, made it a perfect day albeit cold. 
It was wonderful to have your knowledge of the history, culture, food, transport and general conversation
(guide: Noriko)
I spent the best week of my life in Kyoto.
It is incredible how Japanese culture caught my attention, every place, every temple, every shop were amazing.
There is something that impressed to me apart from the kindness and respectful of every person in Japan.
It was the amount of temples that are there, I was surprised with them, every time that I visited one I felt the peaceful and quietness that I needed, also in these temples I could imagine the ancient Japan, the old history of this wonderful country.
I received a piece of advice to visit Japan in spring, but I went in winter and I would like to say that this country is marvelous in every season of the year, I want to back and keep visiting and learning if this great culture.
I want to thank to mi tourist guide, Kobori Yoji, who was with me and explained the history of Kioto in every tour. ( guide : Yoji )
I just wanted to let you know that the afternoon we spent together that day was one of the best days I had in Japan! Walking around the market... Having delicious cakes and looking at the beautiful trees in the park.
All these were so awesome!I was looking at my photos I took in Japan and thought of you again.
(guide : Miki )
Tomoko Thank you for your assistance in guiding our family around Kyoto on December 19th Kyoto is such a beautiful city with so much to see and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day and appreciated your very extensive knowledge of the city and its history Once again, thank you so much Perhaps we will see you in Australia one day and be able to show you around our city of Brisbane
( guide: Tomoko)
I had recently visited Kyoto with my brother Jason and a friend Rochelle.
I would like to express my appreciation to our wonderful guide, Meiko Tabata.
Our trip was so much more meaningful with her explaining the history and culture of the sites we had visited.
Her knowledge was incredible.. we were enlightened with various interesting facts such as ..why the floor was built the way it was, and the room painting for each rooms have its own meaning and story and etc.
I find it very interesting and we wouldn't know it if we had visited the site on our own. We had so much fun with Meiko, we attended the sweet making class, made some pretty Japanese sweet.
Also visited Nijo Castle, Kiyomizudera Temple, Yasaka Pagoda, Sannen-zaka slope, Kinkakuji, Nishiki Food Market, and many more.. I mentioned that I would like to buy a kimono for my sister, and Meiko took me to a local kimono shop and I got a beautiful yukata for reasonable price.
As for my brother Jason, who is very keen to learn Japanese.
He would like to leave a message for Meiko.
またお会いしましょう お体を大切に。
前略ジャソン Thanks again to Meiko and Kyoto Free Guide Evelyn,
( gyude : Meiko )
Yoji is the kindest, most helpful and funniest guide ever!! He took us to the best places and temples in Kyoto, we are so thankful and happy!!! We also had an awesome lunch at a traditional restaurant, in a spot we would never find on our own... Thank you , thank you, thank you Yoji!!!! You are the best! Love, Maria and Mauro from Argentina
(guide : Yoji )
Cathy, Thank you very much for your kind words. After an extended schedule, Ifinally came back to USA, somewhat tired.
Daniel and I really appreciateyour much energetic effort, insights to the area, and friendliness in helping us tour the Nara area.
I especially liked the quiet and scenic
back road used to be frequented by monks in the past.
Japan is so beautiful! The trip made us to better understand Japan.
We like it very much and hope to visit again.
I attached a picture we took together.
May 2013 bring the best to you and your family.
May God bless,Charlie ( guide : Kumiko )
Our group of 3 went to the Arashiyama District last December 3, 2012 with Tomoko as our volunteer tour guide. 
Tomoko did a fantastic job!  She led us to both the popular and the not-so-popular spots, giving lots of information about each place in fluent English. 
We visited Tenryuji Temple, Otagi Nenbutsu-ji Temple, Gioji Temple, the Sagano Bamboo Grove, a monk's villla, Togetsukyo Bridge, and Rakushisha.  Everything was just perfect--the picturesque sceneries, the sunny weather, the friendly people, the delicious food!  We had lunch at an okonomiyaki restaurant where we feasted on okomiyakis and yakisobas. 
Then we had soy ice cream for dessert. 
 Oishi! We had a wonderful time. 
Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Tomoko and Kyoto!!!  We hope to see you again soon!!! Nicole Mallari, Logan Mallari, and Perly Pe from Manila, Philippines         ( Guide : TOmoko )
Dear TomokoYou were a wonderful guide and you made our time in Kyoto very special .
I love all the history you taught us.
Many regards Irna and Eric
( GUIde: Tomoko)
Dear Tomoko, We were very lucky to be guide in Kyoto by Tomoko Yoshihara. It was a great tour.
We've visited so many interesting places.
She is a very proffesional guide, spaeaks fluently English, knows a lot of interesting facts and stories not only about Kyoto but also about all Japan.
The best guide we've had in Japan. Thank you very much!!!
(Guide : Tomoko)
Tomoko, I'm back and safe in Brazil.
I'm writing to thank you for the wonderful day that we all have in Kyoto last week. It was really nice and memorable.
In attach, some pictures. Thank you and happy new year, Rodrigo
( Guide : Tomoko )
Thank you  so much again ( i sent one e-mail to  the organization  KYOTO FREE GUIDE), Thank you YOJI, to show us the wonderful Kyoto, we really enjoyed and learnt a lot with you: the japanese culture and cuisine.
He showed us amazing places.
The two days in Kyoto were fantastic. Yoji, spent  a lot of time to prepare the tour, and he spent extra time, he is friendly, professional, perfect.
The restaurants were japanese style, goods, we liked us.
It was a wonderful experience we had in Kyoto, with YOJI. 
Yoji speaks a good spanish.
Now we have a new Japanese friend Thanks another time, 
( GUide : Yoji )
Hi Tomoko I have to tell you that our tour with He show us a lot of beautiful places and the restaurants was delicious.
Yoji I think that if we don't have Yoji to guide us, we surely have missed in Kyoto.
Thank You!!! Rosangela Albino.
(Guide : Yoji )
Dear Tomoko san and Kyoto Free Guide Group, We had Hideko Ohta san helping us today to tour Kyoto.
We visited Kinkakuji, Ryoanji Ginkaku-ji temple, and Kiyomizu temple, and Jishu-jinja Shrine, and had a fant astic time together.
She was very professional and dedicated to her work to help us to her best.
I appreciated your and her help very much.
Best regards, Charlie Sohn ( Guide : HIdeko)
Hi, We spend a day in Kyoto with Noriko on dec 14th.
We wanted to express what a wonderful guide Noriko was. Her knowledge and patience made our trip very memorable and enjoyable.  
We appreciated her high quality service, and we will definitely recommend her as a guide and the free guide service to any tourist coming to Japan.  
It was a pleasure spending the day in Kyoto, we learned a lot and we are very thankful for the generosity your service provides. 
With gratitude, Rivka Michaeli and the rest of the group
(GUIDE : Noriko)
Today we had absolutely lovely day trip with Hideko We were 2 people: myself from Israel and my colleague from Austria.
We had some limited time to visit the main sites, as my friend had to leave for an evening train.
Right in the morning we met Hideko at the agreed spot and on time. We headed towards The Nijo Castle.
At the Nijo castle we got excellent detailed information about the place, the decorations, the technique of the flooring, the garden.
Hideko was absolutely full of knowledge, very prepared with some additional printed information she shared with us.
From the castle we headed to the Golden Pavilion. Again, Hideko explained us all about the history of the place, the owener, the origin of the name etc.  We ate lunch at a traditional restaurant ? excellent choice and we could talk about our countries a little.
Everything was relaxed and a lot of fun! We then went to the Silver Pavilion and then the Gion area ? Geisha district.
Hideko had a few additional things on her plan to show us,  but my friend had to leave for the train, so unfortunately we did not have the chance to see it all. 
BUT there is no doubt we could never get to see all of this alone and to learn so much about Japan and Kyoto. Also, as I mentioned Hideko before arriving to Kyoto that I’m interested in crafts, she prepared in advance some flyers for me and gave me detailed information and a map how to get there tomorrow ? a very kind gesture. Overall it was a fabulous experience and I wish we could have more time with Hideko ? a lovely woman and a talented guide.
Thank you so much for doing Kyoto free guide initiative. This is a very nice idea! Aline Ron.
( GUIDE : Hideko)
Dear Sir or Madam, We would like to thank Hideko for the wounderfull day in Kyoto.
She visited golden and silver palace with us and provided interesting background knowledge about the sites.
Lunch was delicious and visiting Nishiki-Market with her introduced us to food, we never tasted before! Thank you for this wounderfull day we spend with Hideko! Best regards Annika
( GUIDE : Hideko)
GUIDE * Yoji
Hi Kyoto free guide, hola Yoji, We met Yoji yesterday and had a very good time with him.
He took us to visit the Golden Temple and Nijo-jo and also the market. He was so kind to help us buy medicines cause my throat was hurting a bit (much better now by the way) and he showed us the best ramen place in town.
We would like to thank you and also thank him for a beautiful day.
Yoji, muchas gracias por todo y no te olvides de escribirnos si alguna vez vuelves por Barcelona.
Un saludo muy cordial. Best regards, Clara & Tahiche
GUIDE * Makiko
Thank you so much for the nice day we spent with Makiko in Kyoto last Sunday April 3rd, 2016.>We metThis was our first time in Kyoto, and Makiko was very knowledgeable and very nice, and because of her we have a better appreciation of Kyoto and its culture.
We visited key places and got a very good overview of the city.
We highly recommend Makiko to anyone visiting Kyoto.
Thanks again. Javier, Yoli, and Gabriel Torres
GUIDE *Akiko 5/18/2016
Hello Akiko-san, My wife and I would like to thank you for the time you spent with us today in Kyoto.
We appreciate all your help and kind assistance during our tour. You have been very accommodating, thoughtful, and made sure that we were comfortable, and we really enjoyed having you in our company. We feel that you are very proud of your city and culture and we are happy to learn not only the history but also the local culture of the people of Kyoto.
Wewill definitely come back and spend more time in Kyoto because of your insights.  Our experience with you have made our first trip to Japan even more memorable.
 Arigatogozaimasu!Mark and JudyVancouver,
Dear Madam, dear Sir from Kyoto Free Guide,We had a wonderful day in Kyoto with Aya on July 26th.
 Even with the rain this day, she brought some sun!In the morning, we visited Nishiki market and she explained us about food and we tasted a lot of samples along the marked We discovered japanese bento in a charming restaurant for lunch time.  
In the afternoon, we visited Arashiyama district, Tenriyu-ji temple, the bamboo forest, passed the Togetsukyō bridge.Aya speaks very well French and this was a pleasure to listen to the explanations she provided.
We had a lot of fun during this visit and learned a lot of things about Kyoto, Buddhist and Shinto cultures, we even made zen meditation exercises in Tenryu-ji garden.
She also showed us how to write our names in Japanese at tea time.I recommend Aya as a guide and we would like to thank her again for this very nice day together in Kyoto!Aya you are very welcome if you want to visit us in France, Montpellier!With kind regards,Celine, Pierre and Pierre-Gabriel.Nous avons passé une merveilleuse journée de visite avec Aya le 26 Juillet dernier.
Il pleuvait ce matin-là mais son sourire et sa gentillesse nous a amené le soleil! Nous avons visité le marché de Nishiki, et nous avons découvert plein de nourritures inconnues sur lesquelles nous avons pu mettre un nom  et un goût grâce à ses explications et aux dégustations.
Elle nous a emmené manger dans un restaurant de bento, hors des sentiers touristiques,était vraiment très bon.après-midi nous sommes allés dans le quartier d’Arashiyama, nous avons visité le template Tenriyu-Ji, marché dans la forêt de bambous, traversé le pont Togetsukyo.. très belle promenade pendant laquelle nous avons appris plein de choses sur la culture bouddhiste et shintoïste, et sur la ville de Kyoto.
Aya nous a permis de passer une très bonne journée. Nous avons même appris à faire de la méditation zen, en face du lac du temple Tenryu-jiA lheure du thé nous avons appris à écrire nos prénoms en japonais.
Je souhaite remercier Aya encore une fois, cétait un plaisir de passer notre première journée à Kyoto avec elle!Aya tu es la bienvenue à Montpellier, nous serions très heureux de te revoir et de te faire visiter notre ville à notre tour!Bon voyage à tous,
GUIDE * Bunjiro Dear Kyoto free guide community I want to thank you for given us the opportunity to have the connection with our tour guide Bunjiro.
Our group of eight people are speechless of all the dedication, patience and attention from Bunjiro(our tour guide).
We are very happy and have the best impression of Japan.
I am sorry I could not write earlier.
But we have been visiting many places and with limited wifi connection.
We are really happy you have this great community.
We enjoy Bunjiro's company and we feel we make a friend for life.
It will be nice to implement this system in our countries: Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.
We are amazed of Kyoto and we just feel bad we could not stay longer.
Thank you for all your help.
Aida Robleto
Lester Lopez
Lester Alexander Lopez
Asley Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez
Kendy Cruz
Victor Ordonez
Gloricel Diaz
GUIDE * Yoji
Ihave to thank a lot, our guide Yoji Kobori was the best..., Kyoto,  we try to return to your beautiful city
Teresa, ( Josep, Rosa, Jordi, Delfina and Alberto to )
Guide Toru    Nov.7.2016
Dear Toru-san,
Muenchen kara, konban wa. Some time has passed before I’m able to write this mail.
My wife and I have safely returned home from Japan 2 weeks ago. Our visit to Japan was a big sensation for both of us in many regards.
We have seen many places of interest, precious cultural heritages, foreign theater and concerts, beautiful autumn nature in famous parks and gardens as well as we undertook recreative hikes through breathtaking national parks. We enjoyed the delicious Japanese cuisine in all her richness.
We have experienced the care, precision, reliability, punctuality, correctness and cleanliness of a whole nation without any exemption. And we have met the friendliness, politeness, helpfulness, hospitality and openness of the Japanese people.
We met Japanese people who gave us insight in their personal living conditions, into their wishes and beliefs and into their philosophy of life. We want to express our thankfulness for this comprehensive experience.
We had a very impressive tour together on Kurama-yama where we visited Yuki Shrine, Kurama-dera and Kifune Shrine and had a soba lunch together at Toriijaya restaurant. Because it was a swift hike from Kurama to Kifune and down to Kibuneguchi Station we had time enough to visit Mount Hiei by funicular and by ropeway. The garden-museum and the view of Lake Biwa have been spectacular on this beautiful day. Time even allowed to finally go to Enryakuji. This final visit completely made our day !
My wife and I would like to say again thanks to you for the excellent tour and to Kyoto Free Guide Organisation for enabling it.
We wish you all the best for a prosperous future, for your remaining working time as an elementary teacher and for a good life when you have retired. We hope that your expectations will come true. We would be more than happy to show you the Munich highlights if you come to Munich someday.
Please let us know in advance.
Best regards