About us

TomokoY usually works as an English teacher at cram school.
has 1st grade certificate of Eiken (STEP=The Society of Testing English Proficiency, Japan).

is an examiner for the interview test of Eieken.
has JNTO certificate as a guide
the website manager of Kyoto Free Guide
Ririko usually works as an English teacher at cram school and as an English teacher for TOEIC and English conversation course. TOEIC score over 900
has JNTO certificate as a guide
the website sub-manager of Kyoto Free Guide
Sono has an experience of living in Philippine for more than 16 years.
has been a guide for more than a year
has JNTO certificate as a guide
Hisako Hisako(Chako)
teaches translation at a vocational school.
has 1st grade certificate of Eiken (STEP=The Society of Testing English Proficiency, Japan).
used to be an examiner for the interview test of Eieken.
Kumiko has a nickname Cathy
usually teaches at a vocational school and gives private lessons.
has 1st grade certificate of STEP
TOEIC score over 900
Noriko.T usually works as a office worker
has 1st grade certifcate of STEP ( The Society of Testing English Proficiency, Japan)
Shiho is a Translator trainee
is Sometimes a movie publicity assitant
TOEIC score over 900
Yoji Yo naci y vivo en la ciudad de Kioto.Me gustaria introducir a ustedes nuestra cultura a traves de algunos mejores lugares famosos y varias calles antiguas en Kioto.Les recibo con los brazos abiertos. Vamos a disfrutar con una excursion.
Michiro was an engineer about city planning and city construction.
want a lot of people to know about them and enjoy with me about them.
You will enjoy Kyoto in different field.
Mai Hi!! This is Mai Yamamura. I used to live in Singapore and Canada, currently working in Osaka,
I'm excited to meet new people from various countries, and exchange culture.
Ayumi has experience in tourism, voluntary service in Africa, teaching English.
is a licensed guide, also has a tour conductor license.
Maki I'm Maki Kobayashi.
I have experienced staying in America and Singapore.
I have the license of tourism manager.
TOEIC score over 850.
I would be happy to support your great Kyoto tour!
Yumi I studied in Canada and England for 3 years. I have visited and enjoyed more than 20 countries. Now I am very pleased to show you the most beautiful ancient city in my homeland,Japan.
Chie I am from Osaka.
A translator,
I have 1st grade certificate of Eiken ( STEP=The Society of Testing English Proficiency, Japan) and 4th grade certificate of Spanish
Hobby : traveling , movie
Hirokazu I work for a pharmaceutical company. I spent my university days in Kyoto.
Let's enjoy our trip, around the kyoto.
Nobu is a national licensed tour guide.
has experienced life in the USA for more than 3 years.
has more than 15 years experience working for an airline company.
is keenly interested in flower arrangement and tea ceremony.
"Let's experience magical Japan together!"

Mayuri Has an experience of living in Melbourne in Australia for one and a half years and has a professional guide certificate in English.
Residente depuis plus de 30 ans a Kyoto, je souhaite faire decouvrir ma ville et egalement la culture japonaise comme la ceremonie du the, le theatre traditionnel ( le kabui, le no...) et l'art floral japonais (Ikebana).

Akemi Works as a temporary staff in a manufacturing company and translates technical documents.
Has JNTO certificate as a guide.
TOEIC score over 900.
Fumiko usually work as an English teacher and a tour guide
has a professional guide license
has 1st grade certificate of Eiken (Outstanding Achievement Award)
TOEIC score over 900
loves Onsen, traveling, singing
Kazuhiro Hello. My name is Kazuhiro Hori.
I am a Japanese school teacher. I love singing and am part of a choir.
I am interested in foreign cultures and languages.So I would like to make new friends from many foreign countries,and to introduce
TOEIC score over 900
Japanese culture.I'm looking forward to meeting you in Kyoto .
Naomi usually works as a translator
TOEIC score over 900
has JNTO certifcate as a guide
Bun Nací en Kioto y viví hasta la edad de 21.
Desde marzo de 2012,trabajé en República de El Salvador como voluntario de JICA por dos años.
Es gran placer para mi introducir Kioto a las turistas extranjeros.
Espero que ustedes desfrutarán con sus viaje en Kioto.
Yuu Hi :) I'm Yuu Niikura. Call me ''Nick''
I was born and grew up in Kyoto.
And work at youth hostel in Kyoto now.
Let's make magical mystery tour together !
Toru F supports the foregin students at university
retired office worker
Yuka is a homemaker
If you would like to visit Kyoto,I’d love to show you around!
Kumi usually work as an English teacher and a tour guide
lives in Osaka
hobby--- seeing movies and aerobis
Yasuko has lived in USA
lives in Neyagawa city near Osaka
Koji I like old part of historic cities like Kyoto and Nara. I'll help you find something interesting!
En Japón no hay mucha información en español, así que me gustaría ayudarles durante su visita. ¡Bienvenidos!
Mika I’m Mika.
I was born in Osaka,and work at global logistics company in Osaka,Kyoto.
I like walking around the town in Kyoto.
It’s fun to find local coffee shops, temples and Japanese gardens.
I love to travel because traveling can discover a new way to know the town.
Let’s enjoy and discover new experience in Kyoto.
Yui I am from Wakayama living in Kyoto
a college student majoring in English
Mitsunobu Vivo cerca de la ciudad de Kioto. Trabajé 3 años en Costa Rica como un voluntario de JICA y volví aqui en marzo de 2015.
Es un placer conocerles a ustedes y introducir Kioto, que había sido la capital de Japón durante mil años.
Vamos a llevar un buen tiempo en esta ciudad, antigua y nueva.
Makiko I enjoy spending time together with people from around the world.
I'm willing to re-discover Kyoto together with you!
I used to live in Illinois, currently living in Osaka.
During weekdays I teach subjects such as world history, and international relations to high school students in Japan.
Aya travaille actuellement dans une maison de la culture et en même temps enseigne le japonais aux étudiants et employés étrangers.
J'adore me promener en trouvant le charme de villes japonaises et c'est un grand plaisir si je peux le partager avec vous.
Diplômée par l'Office National du Tourisme Japonais (Langue de licence: français)
Genta Hi, my name is Genta.
Because I love my county and the culture.
I'd love to help your exploring.
Akane I'm a college student and studying English.
While I studied in England and Sweden, I traveled many countries.
I also like traveling in Japan, so let's enjoy exploring Japan with me!
Noriko Hello Everyone! I was born and raised in Kyoto.
I like traveling very much: I have been to more than 70 countries including business trips.
I think Kyoto is fascinating from cultural point of view, and it’s worth seeing.
I hope your visit to Kyoto whet your appetite! Let’s share memorable time together!
Mai N I work at the hospital in the rehabilitation center
is Sometimes a movie publicity assitant
TOEIC score over 900
Toru A I a reitered-worker and I am happy to guide the people from overseas making use of my expetise of English
Takuto (I’m a University student I want to have good time with tourists.)
Junko I was born and raised in Kyoto and I am a housewife now.
I'm looking forward to exploring Kyoto with international travellers.
Motoko My name is Motoko Tanaka. I love meeting new peaple, talking,walking,and cycling. I love nature,mountains,rivers,and wind.
I love animals,too especially cats,dogs,and birds.I'm very interested in Japanease culture,tea ceremony,flower arrmagement,and calligraphy. 
Let's go exploring in Kyoto world!
Ayaka I had experienced guide as student volunteer about 2years and half!
I hope you have a great time while staying Japan with me.
Miwako My nickname is olive I’m a 49-year-old housewife.
I worked as a translator of technical documents
I have step pre-first gread and Toeic scored at 870
Reiko My name is Reiko. I live in Osaka pref.
I`m floral designer and Instruction.
To learn Floral Design I went to many countries and had friends all the world.
Let`s enjoy the time in Japan together!!
Shinobu I`m Shinobu Tani.
I`m in sixties. I wish I could be of help.
I lack experience in guiding. But I`ll do my best ASAP.
Tamaki I`m Tamaki, 24 years old.
I like to play the Irish Harp and to take care of flowers.
Reiko I`m Reiko Kusakabe, an assistant sales.
I live in Osaka city. I like walking, talking and sweets.
Hideo I`m a new face.
Riho Hi! My name is Riho. I Live in Osaka, and have studied English in Canada for a year.
Wish you have a great time in Japan!
Mikie I`m Mikie Iida, a volunteer from Kyoto Free Guide.
I`ve visited about 20 foreign country.
I`d be happy to assist your Japanese travel to be unforgettable memory.
Yuko I am Yuko Watanabe, housewife learning English.
Hajime I am 58 year-old.
I am interested in Japanese history.
It will be my pleasure to make your stay in Japan comfortable
Kenichiro Kenichiro Takeshita, having a nickname Candy.
Loves shrines, temples, gardens and Izakaya(Japanese style tavern
Koichi I graduated from a university located next to the Kyoto imperial palace.
My major is economics and history.
My hobby is taking photograph.
I worked for industrial tool company located in Kyoto city.
I am learning how to explain Japanese culture in English to be a professional tour guide.
Yoriko I`m Yoriko Ohnaka.
I`m married and have 2 sons.
I like going hiking in a mountain.
I`d like to help travelers enjoy their time in Kyoto!
Tadashi I`m living in Kyoto for 16 years and was working in USA for 10 years in Singapore and Malaysia for 10 years.
I would like to share time through guiding Kyoto with you.
Also, I`m dedicating my time to Kyoto National Museum and the Museum of Kyoto currently.
Aiko Sawatdeeka! I`m Aiko Ogushi, 34 year old house wife.
I`ve been to Thailand 4 years.
I`d like to guide for thai tourists.
I`m looking forward to see a lot of Thai.
kaori Hi!I’m Kaori I’m an university Student, and living in Kyoto.
I ‘ve been to Australia foe 3month.
I like introducing Japanese culture and sightseeing. Let’s enjoy sightseeing with me!
Mari ¡Hola! Soy Mari Haga, vivo en Tondabayashi, Osaka y me gustaría ser especialista en los viajes personales.
Estoy apasionada de desvelarlles los secretos y los encantos de mi país a los turistas, no sólo la cultura e histroria sino también la gastronomía, la moda, las compras y las curiosidades paseando por las zonas tanto antiguas como modernas del área de Kansai.
Taeko I'll try my best to make your Kyoto visit a lifetime memory.
Each encounter will surely be my precious treasure.
Looking forward to meeting you in Kyoto.
kyoka Hello! I'm Kyoka :)I'm a university student in Kyoto.
I was born and raised in Kyoto.
I love my home town , Kyoto! I'd willing to guide you in Kansai area.
There are so many exciting places in there, let’s enjoy the Japanese culture, tradition, food and everything.
I went abroad to Canada for a year .
I like talking to people from different countries because sharing different culture is epic!
I'm stoked about seeing you XD
Chika I would like to meet a lot of people through the Kyoto free guide.
I will do my best to offer you a nice time during your trip in Kyoto.
Let's explore Kyoto together!!”
Kanako Hello. I’m Kanako.
I’m a college student and I go to the Doshisha university.
I have studied English for more than 10 years and gone to English language school since April,
so I can understand English and speak English.
I like to visit to shrines and temples and eat famous sweets in Kyoto.
My hobby is going to the USJ.
I go there more than 10 times a year,so I’m really familiar with it.
If you go there, please ask me anything!
Ayaka U I'm from Osaka. I speak Italian.
I'm not experienced as a guide but can be a great help to those who speak Italian.
Let's find out something special in Japan!
Sono di Osaka. Parlo italiano.
Non sono esperta come guida ma può essere un grande aiuto per chi parla italiano.
Andiamo a scoprire qualcosa di speciale in Giappone!